The Merchant Ship Worthy Passage Essay

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The Golden Sea, warm, and vast, Cameron despised it. Who knew what was down there in its murky depths. Monstrous creatures that could sink a ship with little effort, sending its wooden corpse and all she carried with it, deeper and deeper to its sightless bottom.
The ship sailed straight north from Kelmoor Keep, the wind blew strong, and almost constantly from the west. There was no sign of land or anyone else for that matter, just him and the Worthy Passage, and her brave crew. Once past the lengthy body of Baash (which only took four days) the Worthy Passage moved even faster because of the strong westerly current. As they sailed northwest, the air around them became a bit cooler and with little wind. Through his luminance blue eyes he could see a wall of dense fog to the northeast, it stood as an impassable guardian, a bright white tapestry of becloud restricting ones vision, beckoning and mysterious. What could cause this, only one thing he thought, land, or something very big?
After many hours, the breeze filled the sails again. Massive sheet of white silk bulging and stretching driving the Worthy Passage forwards towards cloudless sky that was a flaming red as the sun slowly plummeted into the wavy horizon. The middle aged Captain, of the giant galleon Worthy Passage, went by the name, Ren Syzack. He had long filthy black hair with graying streaks and long beard. He was stout, with a drooping face long nose and buggy green eyes. He wore green trousers and a tan shirt covered in stains and smelt something awful.
"It is good to see you about getting your share, take a whiff of that salt water." He said stepping up to Cameron uncomfortably close chewing with his mouth open. "I can't pretend, I am not a bit excited. This marks the first time I have had a cargo including a Monarch aboard my fine ship."
Cameron only stared into the Captain's eyes for only a moment then turned from the disgusting man to watch the sun with his back to him. "It is a mystery to me, how we have come so far in such a short time, four days to sail the full length of the lands of Baash?" He looked over his shoulder only long enough to catch the fat man's reaction.
"It's been smooth sailing my good lad..."
"A galleon would take more than a week to sail the length of Baash, do not take me as a fool." Cameron said dryly.
Ren stared at the back of Cameron's head for a short time then finally spoke again." If you must know, this ship has a bit of magic to her. Why, at night we lift out of the water and glide at far greater speeds. You seemed to be in a hurry, so I took it upon myself to see to it your lengthy travel was much shorter." He bit into whatever he was eating and added. "Why, if you so desire we can reach Glacia as soon as... Tomorrow if you're really in a hurry, but at a great price you see."
Cameron could hear him smacking while he chewed and forced himself to keep his anger in check. "Very well, I am pleased you had my interest in mind and I am honored. What...

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