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In the year of 1960 the Mercury comet was born. It was originally going to be a new compact car for Edsel, but Edsel was discontinued in 1959 before the “Baby Edsel” or the comet could be made. They were only made for 17 years and had many different options available. There are five generation of the comet series in the last few they kept the body style but changed the name.
The Comet name was purchased from a company that made funeral coaches. During the first generation the Ford Motor Company used a longer chassis but the same style as the Ford Falcon. The wheel base was 114 inches and was considered a compact car, however many argued that it was a mid-sized sedan. For the first two ...view middle of the document...

The grille was changed to match the Mercury look. During this time they came up with new editions that were either sport packages or more luxurious. The new models were known as the Cyclone. They also got the V-8 motor for the first time which produced 155 horsepower. During this time the body got some new modifications on the lights. During the last year of the second generation the comet was upgrade with new styling and got a 2 barrel carb. It also had the new 4-speed transmission that was found on the Ford Mustangs.
In the year of 1966 the third generation started a new line of cars. During 1966 the Comet grew from a compact car to a mid-sized car and the chassis was change from the Ford Falcon to the new Ford Fairlane and got the new dual action tailgate that allowed it to open up and down or swing sideways. They also got new body panels that were lighter. The Comet station wagon was replaced. The new top-of-the-line model came out known as the Comet Cyclone GT or the Comet Cyclone GTA which was the automatic version of the GT. They also got a new base motor the 390 V-8. In 1966 the Comet was used as a pace car and the Indianapolis 500 car race. In 1967 nothing really changed other than they got steel side panels that simulated wood. During 1968 and 1968 they got a new base motor the 302 cid 210 horsepower motor and...

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