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The Mercury Cougar Essay

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Cars are fantastic machines that have truly revolutionized the world ten times over. It has made certain jobs easier and has even made some jobs possible that were not even remotely feasible such as delivery services. Cars have always been in the heart of the American people, especially in the age of muscle cars. Even though there were many similar cars built, the Mercury Cougar was a top of the line car. The Mercury Cougar was designed with luxury and in some ways, is better than its competitors and its present predecessors.
America has continuously had a love affair with cars from the beginning of their existence. Ever since the Model T came out the, American people have lived and breathed cars. And how could they not love cars? Cars are in the American people’s heart. A machine that was created and designed in the United States has always pulled on the heart strings and it will most likely never stop. Today’s cars are different but the same goal has never changed, to get you from one place to another.
Ford Motors Company was and continues to be a massive player in the automotive business. “Ford started under Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan. Ford had a skill for craftsmanship when he built an experimental car in 1896…” (History of Ford Motor Company) This was the true start of the Ford Motor Company and it would also launch it into the future. Ford stayed strong through many years until World War Two started. The war greatly reduced the resources to create cars and put higher prices onto oil and other materials. “After World War II production slowed down until the entrance of the 1949 line. At this time power units were new along with the automatic transmission in 1950. Great automobiles were manufactured in the coming years.” (History of Ford Motor Company) This truly was the beginning of the golden years for Ford.
Ford soon created its luxury car company. “Mercury, named after the Roman god known for his speed and fashionable winged sandals, this car brand is the brain child of Ford Motor Company that was looking for a car to fill the gap between Ford and Lincoln as far as price went. These cars would also be stylish and elegant but would be cheaper and more economical.” (Mercury Models & Brand History) Mercury was considered to be quite the luxury car in its time and could fetch a pretty penny amongst buyers who wanted a nice car.
The Mercury Cougar was a car designed with luxury in mind and was designed to be comparable to Ford’s Mustang car line. “The Mercury Cougar was offered as Ford-Mercury’s luxury alternative to the mustang pony car. (1969 Mercury Cougar Info Specifications…)” The Mercury Cougar came standard with a small block, V8, 351 Windsor engine, cable adjustable mirrors, AM frequency radio, lap style seat belts, and concealable headlights. These features and the cars price starting at $3,000 with no additional options, limited the car’s takeoff, but it was quickly named Motor Trends car of the year. This greatly added to the...

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