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The Merge Of Bank Of Italy In San Francisco To Bank Of America

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Bank of Italy in San Francisco founded a company that has been around for over one hundred years serving many, this bank, and it is directed toward immigrants, but it ultimately merged with Bank of America. This is one of the world’s largest financial corporations, serving individual consumers, and businesses of all times, they have a full range of banking, investing, and offering risk management services. Bank of America serves clients in more than 40 countries.
Bank of America is a company that focuses on creating real, meaningful connections with individuals, businesses, and communities to help them connect with what matters most. Bank of America is a proud partner with over 50 ...view middle of the document...

They support the financing and advisory needs of commercial investment, and investment clients across the world. Bank of America is donating resources, time, and energy to support the communities where we work and live.
From this corporation for world’s leading wealth management companies and is a global leader in corporate and investment banking with trading across the broad range of asset classes serving corporations, governments, and individuals around the world. The company’s market position is supported by a strong distribution network that is unmatched by its competitors. Bank of America has enjoyed a dominant market position. They leverage its position to gain a competitive advantage over peers. Although with regulatory changed and weak economic growth prospects of the US economy could hurt the company’s margins.
A SWOT analysis can help a company identify the key issues that are affecting your business but it does not always offer solutions. Business owner should be aware if the limitations as well as the benefits of a SWOT analysis before a business decide to do one. Knowing what one can expect to achieve will make a SWOT analysis more useful for your business and it you will save time in the end.
Some benefits that one should consider before running a SWOT analysis of a company, it has little to no cost, anyone who understands your business can perform a SWOT analysis; you can use this when you do not have a lot of time to address a complex situation. You can take steps towards improving your business without the expense of an external consultant. SWOT analysis concentrates on the most important factors that are affecting your business, by this you can understand your business better, seek the weaknesses, and threats, you can see the opportunities your business has and take advantage of your strengths. Some limitations to this are that it does not arrange issues or provide solutions and it does not offer an alternative decision.
Some of the strengths that Bank of America is seeking are that they are globally leading franchises across businesses that give scale benefits. For example they are one of the world’s largest financial institutions with leadership in several businesses, as of December 31, 2011, they operate in all 50 states, Washington DC, and more than 40 countries. Bank of America is ranked in top three globally in capital market areas.
Bank of America has a favorable business mix in diversification and they have a strong capital capability to cushion liquidation risks. Bank of America has a large market share; they are the largest U.S. based financial holding company, with a sizable U.S. existence, and a strong customer base, with large deposit holdings. They are stable and are a growing banking sector in the United States. They provide excellent service and product improvement to customers and businesses. They serve clients in more than 150 countries and have relations with almost...

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