The Meshed And Non Meshed Training Programs

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The Meshed and Non-meshed Training ProgramsAbstractThe study was conducted to compare the 2 training programs used in one of the leading call centers in Manila. The comparison of the 2 training programs was studied using 2-sample unpooled t-test for the 2 independent groups who had undergone both programs.The results were discussed in relation to the pre-test and post-test of written grammar exam or WGE and Communication skills proficiency assessment or COMPASS and the post-test in product mastery assessment or PMA scores obtained in both meshed and non meshed trainings. The results of the present study showed that the scores of the product and grammar tests of the customer sales representative or CSRs under non meshed program are higher compared to the scores obtained by the CSRs under meshed program. However, the average mean COMPASS score of the CSRs under meshed is higher compared to the average mean score of those under the non-meshed training program. This implies that both training programs can be succesful in one way or another in honing the grammatical competence, communications skills and interpesonal skills of the CSRs in The Company.Recommendations for future studies may include analyzing the test scores using the hake factor in computing the gain score to see which treatment or training program is more effective.IntroductionThe Company is one of the global outsourcing and IT development businesses in the Philippines. It has been known to deliver customer service par excellence and has established itself among its worldwide clientele. The Company provides a wide range of services in both its outsourcing services and IT solutions. This includes among others customer care, sales, technical support, market research, IT development and business process outsourcing solutions, to name a few. Thus, it expends greatly on searching and placing the right people on the job to provide the best customer service to its worldwide clientele. The company boasts of dynamic, smart, efficient customer service representatives. This is to strengthen its commitment to its clients to provide quality and excellent service within a cost-effective radius.The company expends on hiring the best people thus after the hiring selection, it sends its Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) in a comprehensive training program delivered by its well-trained and efficient employees. Currently, the communications team, the group in charge of communication skills training for the new CSRs, has conceptualized a new training program. The company recognizes the fact that working with a diverse culture and different linguistic backgrounds would require not a just a "broader repertoire of communication skills" (Mayer, 1999) but a wide range of skills that would better serve its worldwide clientele.In fact this focus on training is aimed at strengthening the level of communication by the CSRs. In his article, entitled "Training in BPOs requires a cultural revolution, Kundu...

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