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The Messiah Of The Island Essay

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In the year 3 B.C, a baby named Jesus Christ was born. This baby was to grow up to be the messiah. The one to lead the people to greatness. He was said to be extremely selfless, all knowing and so very compassionate. Unfortunately, for sharing his knowledge with the world, he was crucified and killed. In the book Lord of the Flies By William Golding, the reader meets a boy, Simon, who takes on the same qualities as the well known, Messiah, Jesus Christ. Golding unveils a chilling parallel between Christ and his beloved selfless character, Simon.

Simon is a religious figure from the very start of the book. When the reader is first introduced to Simon, he is seen as the choirboy who fainted. “Bill, Robert, Harold, Henry; the choir boy who had fainted sat up against a palm trunk, smiled pallidly at Ralph, and said that his name was Simon.” (Golding 20). Often, when prophecies faint, it means that they have met their purpose. Prophecies are subject to involuntary seizures and muscle spasms. This is exactly what Simon faces when entering the island, the location of his destiny and death. Later on in the book, in chapter 3, Simon has excluded himself from the other boys and is helping the little ones reach fruit. “ Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach, pulled off the choicest form up in the foliage, passed them back down to the endless, out-stretched hands.” (Golding 55). The children look up to Simon as somewhat of a higher power. He is extremely selfless in giving the children the best food he can, when they’re all starving. Simon is putting the children before himself and giving them the best fruit he can find. Following that in chapter 5, Simon attempts to communicate his knowledge of the evil in all the boys on the island. “The hunters were screaming with delight. Simon’s efforts fell about him in ruins; the laughter beat him cruelly and he shrank away defenseless to his seat.” (Golding 90). Simon cares about the boys on the island unconditionally, and wants them to see the evil in them. He tries so hard to get them to see what he sees, but their evil ways take over and they don’t want to listen. Simon is hurt by this and resolves to just sitting back down.

As the book continues, Simon begins to reveal more and more of him as a religious, Christ-like figure. In chapter 7, Simon is talking with Ralph about being rescued. Simon is hopeful of Ralph’s future and very optimistic. “ No, I’m not. I just think you’ll get back all right.” (Golding 113). Simon seems to be very sure about the future, like he knows more than the rest of the boys on the island. He also says, “you’ll” as if Simon wont be coming back with them. Simon is aware of his fate and is accepting of what he knows. Going back to chapter 3, we are introduced to Simon’s sacred place. His place ironically (but appropriately), resembles a place of worship, or a church. “He at last came to a place where more sunshine fell. Since they had not so far...

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