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The Way I See Myself, And Hopefully You Will See The Same

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When being asked to find a picture that describes myself as an individual, I found one picture that stood out from the rest; a picture of a "hippy" sitting on the grass with his friends. Although I am not a hippy, and I don't look like one, I feel that hippies represent freedom, and freedom is what I have always strived for.When most people think of freedom, they think of the past and slavery. Although this is a big part of history, and should be looked at seriously, I don't see it as anything relative to our society today. On the contrary, I think of freedom as the little things in life, such as being able to wear a certain clothing style, being able to go out on the weekends, and other things that teenagers my age complain about. To a certain point, my life has consisted of freedom, but I remain unhappy under my parents' rule. I sometimes think how much freedom I should be given. At what point should a teen's freedom by taken away by there parents? Although I have come up with no precise conclusion to this question and I probably never will, I think of them quite often.Growing up as a catholic school student, I have not had to make many important decisions during my life. This is because my parents have made them for me. Because of this, I wonder what my life without them will be like. If my parents were to let me make all of my own decisions, would I be where I am right now in...

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