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The Process To Heal Essay

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Experiencing a sense of loss causes great pain for many people, but how the grief is dealt with shows their strength as a person. English playwright, William Shakespeare, wrote his famous work “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” in 1603. In this play, Shakespeare demonstrates the idea that when characters come together with mixed emotions, it may result in failure at what is trying to be accomplished. Lorraine Hansberry, an astonishing playwright and writer, published her well known play “A Raisin in the Sun” in 1959. This play shares the challenges of racial segregation a family faces, but proves that in order to move past the judgment from society they must succeed to accept one another first. These stories relate because they both find a way in dealing with their grief by starting off in denial and resulting in acceptance. Everyone’s journey through grief is similar in many ways, but it is how one chooses to handle it that makes their journey unique.
A first reaction to devastating news usually results in denying the facts that have been brought up upon the unfortunate event. It is hard to believe what can’t be seen, but if what is seen seems unrealistic people begin to think they are delusional. “He waxes desperate with imagination” (Shakespeare Act 1, Scene 5, Line 87). Horatio desperately wants the “Ghost” to be Hamlet’s father, but is then pulled back when realizing that maybe it is all in his head. Charles Kamen, a graduate from Stanford University School of Medicine states that denial is used as a sense of protection (1330). People feel safe when denial is used as a shield to protect others from the truth. Denial is a defensive trait used to block all sorrow and problems. In “A Raisin in the Sun”, Ruth denies having money to give to her son for school (Hansberry 378). As a family living in great poverty, Ruth would much rather save the money for something they need rather than giving it to Travis for school. As the stages progress the feelings of denial start to wear off and one begins to turns to anger when the pain and thoughts start to return.
There are many ways that individuals may find themselves coping with anger. They may feel anger towards the situation as a whole, the person at fault, or towards their loved ones surrounding them. When people turn against each other, there always seems to be a need to plan revenge in return. “Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood” (Shakespeare Act 5, Scene 2, Line 16). The Ghost, also known as Hamlet’s father, states how he has served his penance for his past sins, but feels like he was robbed from his own life. Associate lecturer, Nancy Praill, reveals how anger is a way people cope with loss (129). Anger is felt after the loss of a loved one because they may feel as if their time was cut too short. When one is accused of doing something wrong, that accusation could result in anger. “You’re nagging! Where was I? Who was I with? How much money I spend?” (Hansberry 408). Walter Lee felt a...

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