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The Process Towards Globalization Essay

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Globalisation as process of international relations incorporates the aspects of economics and politics. The process of globalization is through the exchange of views, ideas, products and various other aspects. Through cultural differences within different countries, the process of globalization creates a unique realm by which globalisation can take place. The process of globalization is benign and within this essay will discuss the very aspects of globalization that make it a process that is good and a process that affects the world positively. Within the essay, the examples of products, sporting events, and tourism will be addressed, because there is a correlation between the three parts that create positivity through globalisation. Examples from countries such as South Africa and Brazil, which are third-world countries, will be discussed to understand how globalization takes place. A comparison will be made with the United States of America (USA), which is a first-world country in order to have a perspective from both a first and third world countries perspective to understand the process.
What Globalisation Consists of as a Process
Globalisation as a process composes of different cultural, political and economic aspects that allow for people to interact with others outside of the state borders and within their borders. Globalisation as a term is addressing every single country in the world in terms of how interaction is created (Hoe, 2009). Globalisation through the advancement of technology and communication has rapidly increased the process of globalization. This process through technology of the internet, the improved modes of transportation makes it easier for people and businesses to trade and supply to companies and people from their own country and other countries respectively(Hoe, 2009).
Politics and Globalisation
Globalisation is not merely just a process that incorporates economics, but politics as well. The United Nations (UN) is an example of uniting to a central location in order to discuss international politics with many countries from the world. Politically the globalisation process can create capitalist and democratic societies. With capitalist and democratic societies, the free market can be utilized for the purpose of trading internationally. In terms of Globalisation in International Relations (IR); the process can spread from the businesses trading with each other, through various sporting competitions, or through tourism.
The First World Country of the United States of America and Globalisation
Over the years, the country of the USA has created products that have become popular in many countries over the years that the product has developed. The countries with the most popular brands are in most cases the first-world countries, such as the USA. Examples such Nike, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s or even McDonalds are all products that started in the USA, and these are brands and products that can found in nearly...

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