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The Methods And Techniques Of Judge Dee From Celebrated Cases Of Judge Dee

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Judge Dee is a magistrate for the Chinese Province of Ching-Ping and he used many methods and techniques to solve his cases. He also had significant influence on the society. Judge Dee mainly utilized two methods to solve his cases, and they were using disguises and torture. He first used disguises in the case “The Double Murder at Dawn” to try to find any suspicious man or women that might look like he or she has been in a conflict instead; he finds the beginnings of the second case “The Strange Corpse.” This is always a simple way to get information because if he appeared as a magistrate, people will be unwilling to dispense the information needed. So if he dresses up like a doctor like he did at the beginning, people would be willing to give certain information to him. For example, Mrs. Bee gave him information about her condition, widowed daughter-in-law, and her dead son when he was dressed as a doctor. He also dresses up as a silk merchant to try and capture the alleged criminal “Djao Wan-Chuan.” He often uses torture to get what he need out of certain suspects. He tortures Shao until he confessed his crimes. When the heinous criminals are tortured, they refuse to confess their crimes even when tortured. Mrs. Bee née Djou was tortured with screws, she didn’t confess but when she was tortured even worse the second time, she confessed. Shao Lee-huai did the same thing, they gave him lenient punishments like screws at first but then his tortures eventually got worse and worse, to the point of burning him, until he finally confessed. The tortures would continue until the criminal’s spirits broke.
He would also test to see what happened. In “The Poisoned Bride,” he tests what the evidence to see what happens. He takes the tea outside and brews it outside thus attracting the adder, which killed the bride. He also tests to see the effects of the poison on the dog. When all else failed, he went to the temple to...

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