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The Mexican Drug War Essay

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The Mexican Drug war has been going on since 2001 and has changed peoples views on Mexico as a country. It has been defined by Wikipedia as “an ongoing armed conflict between rival drug cartels fighting each other for regional control and against the Mexican government forces and civilian vigilante groups”. There are different cartels all fighting for businesses smuggling drugs into the USA. This is a major problem for Mexico and the US and if they don’t do something to prevent it continuing the lives of innocent civilians and tourists will be put in jeopardy.

What is the problem?
There are massive problems in Mexico with cartels fighting for turf and smuggling drugs.Mexico’s armed forces ...view middle of the document...

On April 24 2013 the paper announced that “his hacked up body had discovered on a busy street, apparently another victim of drug cartel violence”. Authorities condemn the murdered and not the murderer and blame the victim because “the authorities are getting their information straight from the killers” says Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, a professor at the University of Texas who does studies of cartel violence in Mexico’s border areas. This is a huge problem and I think that it will carry on until the authorities rid themselves of corruption and I think that the government should implement some extreme penalties for smugglers, in some cases an eye for and eye would be a n excellent way to deal with cartels and committing soulless atrocities.

What are some solutions?
There have been many different things done to stop this crisis some long term and some to just put pressure on officials to start doing something. Some of the methods have not worked as well as planned like the 1990s US led crackdown in the Caribbean on smuggling. This has backfired and has forces smuggler to find alternative routes and they have had to fight other cartels for those routes. Another White house led initiative was back in 2006 where Bush and Obama backed up Mexican troops with surveillance drones, military equipment and over $1.1 billion NZ Dollars. Some families have even gone as far as private investigations for their missing loved ones according to the NYDT. The...

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