Mexico And Its Relationship With The United States

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Money And Jobs
One of the major differences between Mexicans and Americans is the desire for wealth. Americans great value wealth, sometimes over enjoyment. It is well known that Americans will work longer hours and take less vacation time. They stress the importance of a college education, with job opportunities in mind.
When I lived in Mexico my friends and their families took vacations in the summer, during Christmas time and two weeks of vacation during Easter. When I moved to the United States I realized my my friends took one or two weeks off because their parents had to work. I also noticed that my friend's parents in the United States would work jobs that they didn’t like at all because it paid more per hour than a job they might prefer.
Mexicans value enjoyment over hard labor. That is not to say that Mexicans are lazy, which is a common misconception. Mexicans would rather enjoy life with family and friends and celebrations than to work for “spending” money.
It’s quite common to find people in the middle and lower classes of Mexico that make enough money to provide for basic utilities, food, rent and allow themselves to have time to be with their families and have fun, without having a lot of extra money, if any. But, they are happy as long as they have their family and friends. There is a great saying in Mexico that there they will add more water to their soup, so everyone can eat. They would much rather have limited amounts of money and have a job they enjoy doing, or a job that allows them to have more time to spend with their families. There are also endless holidays in Mexico where people take the day off work. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on are incredibly important, far more so than in the United States.
The upper and higher middle classes actually follow the same pattern as the lower class, with the difference that they have enough money to have a comfortable life, good education, nice house and the same comfort as their Americans counterpart. But the difference comes when they have to choose between family and money. Mexicans will choose family. That’s the way life works.
For instance, I have some friends in Mexico and their parents are very well off. They work hard, they have all the luxuries that any other upper class American can have, and they do fuss about money. The important part is that they enjoy their wealth with their families and allow themselves to relax and be happy. Both the mother and father work and have a high income, but both of them take several vacations and insist on having time for their family. If it ever comes between family and work, even if it’s something as small as missing a day of work to see their daughter’s recital, they will always choose family.
Americans value education. This can play into the wealth value because many go to college to be able to work a better job and make more money, because in their minds money equals security and happiness. If the United States has the...

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