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The Mexico Lullaby Essay

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The Mexican LullabyI once went to visit my aunt in Mexico. She stays in the southern part of Mexico in a village named Puerto Escondido. This village has one of the world's most famous beaches. The open unprotected nature coast, however, means that the water is usually rough, and strong undertows make swimming unsafe, except in sheltered bays.All the people in Puerto Escondido are very hard working and there is nothing wrong with their hands. My aunt is a vendor and my uncle catch fish, which he sells in the city. I always helped my aunt with everything she needed help with. I helped with the children, with her garden, the washing and all the small things that needed extra attention around the house.One day she asked me to take the old mule and go to the city to go and sell her husbands fish, because her husband could not go. He was terribly sick and he would not be able to reach the city in one piece. I decided that I would do that, because then I would be able to see the countryside. My aunt gave me a map and directions where to go when I get to the city.The next morning my aunt woke me at half past three with coffee and home made bread. She packed the mule; on each side of the mule were big baskets with fish in, which I had to take to the marked. She gave me lots of carrots for the mule and tortillas with a spicy...

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