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The Microsoft Public License And How It May Be Utilized

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The Microsoft Public License and How it May Be Utilized

Table of Contents
About the License 3
Description 4
Legal and Ethical Analysis 5
Compatibility 6
Legal Aspects 7
Future Implications 9
Current Programs 9
Comparing to Other Licenses 10
Conclusion 11
References 12

About the License
The Microsoft Public License (MS-PL) is a type of license solution that has been endorsed by the Open Source Initiative for many open source projects. This license was designed with the intention of allowing users to handle programs that are linked to this license option with free access to the source code for a program.
This is a program that may be beneficial to many people as it is free and easy to adjust. However, the freedom to work with this comes with a non-monetary price in that there are many concerns to see with regards to the compatibility of the system and its ability to work with many functions.

The MS-PL license is designed with a series of basic standards used to handle the functions that come with operating a program in the open source environment. It is used to create programs that are free to be distributed to many places and to be changed around to anyone's content based on the needs that anyone may have.
What this means is that the program that is used here will feature a source code that is open for all people to adjust. It also allows for people to make all of the adjustments that they make to the program open to the public provided that it is distributed with the same license terms as what was used in the original program. It must not restrict any software or other functions in a computer and it must not be given out with a cost attached to it (OSI 1).
The MS-PL license itself has a series of terms that may be utilized as this is being handled. First, a contributor is open to operate a program and its source code in a royalty-free manner. The user can adjust the program in any way one sees fit and is to be done in a non-exclusive manner so anyone will be allowed to use the adjustments in the code as necessary (Microsoft 1).

Legal and Ethical Analysis
The open source nature of this system is a popular part of what makes it run. What this means is that people are allowed to go and adjust programs that use the MS-PL license in any way that they want to adjust it in. A customer can take this system and then manipulate different parts of a program.
However, there are several legal and ethical rules that have to be used when making it work. For instance, the user will not be allowed to sell any part of this license to anyone. This is because the system is designed with OSI plans to work with the intention of making a program accessible to all people. It would be ethically improper to go and sell anything to another person. It would also be improper to withhold certain aspects of the source code from others.
As the OSI states, the license used has to be technology-neutral so it...

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