"The Middle Isn't That Great" Several Ways I Think The Middle Class Gets Screwed...

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The Middle isn't That GreatI belong to a middleclass family. We're not poor, but we don't make a whole lot. Last year there was a tax return bonus for families with a certain income. We really needed that money because I was about to get my wisdom teeth pulled, my sister had just gotten in an accident and there were tons of bill that had to be paid, like insurance and credit card debts. But we soon found out that we wouldn't get that extra tax bonus because we didn't fall within the income range. The ones who received the money were the families who made less than we did and the ones who made more. It didn't make any sense to me why some of the ones who needed it the most wouldn't get it while the families who were making more than us did. We, the middleclass family, got ripped off. And tax returns aren't the only thing that we get cheated out of.Many middleclass families can't afford good health insurance do to the high monthly costs of $500 a month1, but not having health insurance can cost way more than if someone did. According to Time magazine, on average, uninsured hospital patients get charged five times more than insured patients2. How can someone afford that, paying five times as much when you have nobody there to help you. If there's one accident, you could be in debt for the next twenty years.Then there's the credit cards and loans to pay off things such as hospital bills car insurance or just buying groceries to live on. According to USA Today, the average credit card debt for a middle-income family is over $5,0003. Once a family gets in debt, it's hard to get out. They barely have enough money to support themselves and then they have to pay an extra bill to get rid of their debt which could take years with the...

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1262 words - 5 pages , because the U.S. protects its citizens with labor laws and livable wages millions of manufacturing jobs are lost to inexpensive, overseas counterparts. While there are many benefits to fusing the world, globalization comes at a cost, the elimination of America’s middle class. Trade supports more than 50 million American workers who are employed by companies that export their goods, accounting for almost 40% of the private sector. In 2009 the

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1337 words - 5 pages with the help of EITC included. Somehow we need to control the income distribution before it gets out of hand.We already have a bad enough situation with having mostly rich and poor and hardly and middle-class. Since there are several reasons why inequality has increased, we can only focus on the main ones. Technology accounts for almost 40% of the total increase in inequality, so if we can counteract the technology growth by providing more

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1256 words - 5 pages , management, and medicine (Tüzemen, p 4). Finally low skill jobs generally involve workers carrying out tasks that are physically demanding which cannot be automated by machinery. The majority of occupations in this category are service oriented, involving jobs in food preparation, cleaning, and security and protective services (Tüzemen, p 4). From around the 1980s there has been a significant decrease in the amount of middle class workers in the

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965 words - 4 pages the cheapest. With the addition of China into the globalization world, the world supply of labor far exceeds the demand. With several billion new workers in the global supply of labor, companies may shop for labor and relocate to wherever it is the cheapest. Laborers in foreign countries are willing do the same work that a high paid employee would do for less. If American corporations are to compete in the new global economy, they will have to

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1185 words - 5 pages unclear as the definition of the middle class. It basically says that the upper class is, "the highest class of society" (1694). The same type of blurry definition is provided for the lower class. The law dictionaries that were consulted did not even contain an entry for the phrase. Therefore, even though the phrase is sometimes used in court to define someone's socioeconomic standing, it is not even given consideration by the court system and

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1642 words - 7 pages with more money. However, today people work more hours than ever before but are making less every hour. The only time period that rivals this low of pay for the middle class is during the Great Depression. The government’s solution to this problem is to create “New Deal” style programs with tax exceptions, and to create jobs to aid the middle class. These programs to aid the middle class require money that the government does not have. To

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747 words - 3 pages an adequate job, 2)lower class blacks who criticize middle and upper class blacks, and 3)victimization.Racism today exists in many different forms. There are many people who, all their lives, were brought up to believe that black people are of a lesser standard. It is no wonder that many people think African Americans perform inadequately even though these African Americans produce a high quality satisfaction. The people that doubt the work of

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1778 words - 8 pages poverty because each pose a struggle in furthering development. I believe the middle class does aid in economic growth, technological innovation, and furthered industrialization in both developed underdeveloped countries. If the middle class can grow, the rates of poverty may be lowered, and the standard of living may rise. Another I found was the subordination of females in virtually every aspect. I know it is apparent, but not to the extent in which it still exists. Both Kandiyoti and Troung find that women fight to gain acceptance and inclusion in the workplace, bettering their lives and life chances.