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The Midland Hotel In London Essay

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This report discusses my applied study period work experience where I worked at The Midland Hotel. I chose to work at The Midland because I wanted to gain experience at a hotel located in the United Kingdom because I wanted to have a global view of the hospitality industry. In this report, I intend to cover the following areas: an overview of the business, structure of the company, current market position, product information and a critical evaluation of my own experience.
Company overview:
The QHotels was founded in 2003 and since then it has experienced rapid growth and grown from 2 to 21 hotels in a span of just 8 years. The Midland hotel, Manchester is a division of the QHotels.
The Midland Hotel is a magnificent 4 star hotel situated majestically in the heart of Manchester’s city centre. The hotel has a history of over a hundred year and has entertained Presidents, prime ministers, Kings, Queens and Rock stars. A few renowned guests from their esteemed guest list are Sir Winston Churchill, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2, Duke and Duchess of York, Princess Anne, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Lionel Richie, Bob Dylan, Jenifer Lopez and the Manchester United and Manchester City Football team. It is situated 200 Meters from Oxford Road Station, 800 Meters from the Piccadilly station and is situated right across the road from Manchester Central. The Hotel provides around the clock transportation for its leisure and business guests.

The Midland hotel is a very popular conference venue. On 4th May, 1904, Henry Royce and the Hon Charles Rolls met for the first time in the Colony restaurant at The Midland Hotel. The meeting led to the eminent formation of Rolls and Royce. The hotel has as many as 14 diverse meeting and conference rooms, all styled
wood paneled arrangement.


The hotel has over 312 rooms in total. It offers Suites and bedrooms filled with poise and glamour. These rooms are lavishly decorated and are extremely cozy. The hotel has three exotic and famous restaurants namely The French, The Wyvern and Mr. Coopers House and Garden. It also has an uber chic Octagon bar. The hotel is well known for its popular afternoon tea. It has an amazing leisure centre with gym, steam, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and squash court. The hotel is a perfect destination for business as well as leisure travelers as the facilities offered by the hotel guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Position in the market:
The Midland hotel is one of the prestigious and credible hotels in the United Kingdom. Their distinctive style has earned them a vote as Greater Manchester’s second favorite building by the readers of the Manchester Evening News in 2012. QHotels has won the No.1 Large Group award for the third consecutive year and also received Venue Verdicts Gold Standard Group Award. The hotel received the AA Eco Hotel Group of the Year award for 2011- 2012 .The Midland has received five stars rating for cleanliness and...

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