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The Mighty Lion Essay

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Is in the First person. Works cited included he liked itThe Mighty LionFor my I-Search paper I choose the Mighty Lion. I chose the lion because he is so mystical, and symbolic. I have always been fascinated by them and this is why I wanted to learn more about them. I already knew that lions live in packs. The male is a lion, the female is a lioness and the babies are referred to as cubs. This information was obtained from my knowledge over the years. I also knew that lions lived in Africa and preferred grasslands over forests.I know the lion is a symbol of strength and majesty, the king of beasts, since the beginning of time. The lion is the second largest cat in the world. The lion has long been feared because it captures and eats not only domestic animals but also sometimes man (Schaller-9) I have never had a fear for lions because they seem so peaceful and calm.I think it is no coincidence that the lion is the King of the jungle. I believe they have completely earned this title. Lions are, to me, unique, brave, intelligent, smart and keen. lions' lives are not easy and the way they live and adapt to their environment is very clever. Their whole way of life is thought out and it works. The lion's life is also very similar to that of a humans in many ways.The first support of my thesis is the lions hunting. They are very strategic. The lion usually hunts in groups, one lion driving prey toward other lions lying in wait (Grolier-lion). This is basically a trap. I think this plan is very smart. Lions hunt at night. If they where to kill a large animal, like a giraffe, all the members of the pride would join in the feast. The life of a hunter like the lion is not an easy one. Sometimes it is difficult to find and catch prey. If they do not catch prey, they may starve. Sometimes, lions will attack the babies of larger plant-eating animals (Overback-9).Each lion has its responsibility in the pride. It is the male lion's job to defend the pride and its territory from outsider (Overback-23). Lions, just like dogs mark their territory with urine, which warns the other male lions to stay away. This is also, in my opinion great idea. The lioness is in charge of basically taking care of the young, but, while the male lion is protecting the territory, it is the lioness job to do the most hunting. The cubs are helpless when they are born and have to be nursed for the first 15 months. I think their way of life is very similar to the life of the human. The lion goes out, much as the father goes to work. The lioness stays to get food and take care of the cubs, much like the mother who takes care of the children and grocery shopping. Then, finally the cubs, children, stay home and play.I think communication is very neat in a pride. I already knew that lions had to communicate in some way besides talking. They use their tails, mane, teeth, and ears to communicate. This is sort of like humans in which a lion and human can both "roar.' Communication in the pride is...

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