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The Military Draft Is Unconstitutional Essay

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There is a Time and a place for everything, for instance there were times when a militarized force wasn’t nearly large enough for an impending war as necessary to stand even that of a fighting chance towards victory. Our nation’s solution to this problem was creating the military draft, which most recently was used during the Vietnam War. The military draft, or Selective Service System, is Conscription, or in other words “forced labor demanded by some established authority” (Worddiq). “From 1948 until 1973, during both peacetime and periods of conflict, men were drafted to fill vacancies in the armed forces which could not be filled through voluntary means.” (Landscaper) 2/3 of the American troops entered in that war were volunteers, while the other third were all draftees by lottery by birth. (Roush) Some might say "hey that’s only one third of our military, that’s not too many draftees." The only problems with that statement would be that the war itself didn't move towards our favor even with the draft. The draftees went through a rushed training session and entered a battlefield with nearly no experience what-so-ever, on or off the battlefield.
Now, the U.S. military consists entirely of volunteer soldiers, and the draft has been discontinued, though while being discontinued, Government requests that all citizens sign for national service when they come of age to enlist. In common vernacular this means that government wants all citizens to sign what is essentially a draft form when our draft has been disbanded; this legal document will force some citizens to work for the government in a way remarkably similar to the draft. (Hasbrouck)
Living near a large military base I constantly hear high school students stating that after they graduate from high school they will be enlisted in the military or in some cases are already enlisted and will be taken to basic training soon after the Graduation Ceremony. At the constant incline of students enlisting in the military and the re-enlistment rate of soldiers being "137%" of the predicted rate, there would be no physical need for a draft. (Griffin)The constant growth of the American Military only proves the fact that a military draft isn't as necessary as it was in previous years, or previous wars, such as the Chinese Civil War, Greek Civil War, First Indochina War, Korean War, and lastly the Second Indochina War, or Vietnam War.
A draft at this time in American history would cause the nation’s debt to raise more, due to the cost for equipment on all drafted...

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