The Millenial Generation And Technology Essay

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The recession has caused every one-in-eight older Millennials to return back home to their parents” (3). It is not because they want to, but because it is their only option. According to Richard Fry, a Senior Research Associate at Pews Research Center, the total number of older Millennials living at home is a record 21 million in 2012. There are several factors that cause them to return back to their parents, such as a declining employment rate and rising college enrollment fees. Fry additionally states that "the unemployed Millennials were more inclined to be existing with their guardians, (45%) contrasted with utilized Millennials( 29%)" (A Rising Share of Young Adults). Helicopter parents also influence Millennials to be dependant. According to Kathryn Tyler, a Generation X freelance writer and former Human Resource generalist, technology has increased children’s dependency and parental oversight, “making it easier for overbearing parents to ‘hover’ well into adulthood”. It gives parents control of their decisions. Millennials are dependent because Helicopter parents do not allow them to learn from their mistakes. Robert Epstein, scholar at the University of California in San Diego, states that “Parents’ most important task is to help young people to become independent and autonomous. When we infantilize our young, we stifle their development”. When parents “baby” their children and do not allow them to use critical thinking, then they can not support themselves. Excessive parenting affects children’s decisions later in life. They become immature and unable make important decisions such as looking for a spouse or deciding to get married. According to Kay S. Hymowitz, nearly seven in ten 25-year-olds were married in 1970; by 2000, only one-third had reached that milestone (Where Have the Good Men Gone?). This displays the amount of men that are still living in adolescence.Without opportunities, Millennials are unable to provide for themselves and be independent.
The Millennial generation has a strong connection to technology. Kathryn Tyler also described Millennials as “the first generation to use e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and cell phones since childhood and adolescence”. This means that it has been available since they were young, and contributed to their lifestyle. Because Millennials had such early exposure to technology, it is easier for them to adapt and learn how to operate it. Alison Gopnik explains that it is easier for them to learn because of the “cultural ratchet effect” which allows children to learn skills unconsciously and effortlessly. It is beneficial that Millennials can easily handle technology, but it also resulted in a strong dependency on it. Millennials use technology in different forms as a source of communication. Examples of communication through technology are texting, calling, voice mails, social media, and email. According to a graph provided by Pew Research Center, about 80% of Millennials use cell phones...

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