The Millennial Generation And Leadership Essay

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Age does not define a person's ability to be a leader, but the generation in which they were raised may have a substantial impact on how they lead. This is particularly evident in structural preferences and communication styles. How we interact socially tends to reflect on the cultural values and norms of the era. Communication is also affected by changes in language and the methods used for communication. However, despite generational differences in communication, there are some communication skills that are universal across the ages.
I was born in the mid-eighties, making me a member of Generation Y, also known as the millennial generation. According to Ng, Schweitzer, and Lyons (2010) ...view middle of the document...

The millennial generation also have different priorities when it comes to organizational structure. I recently conducted an interview with a young leader who is also a member of the millennial generation. We agreed that we value the less rigid and less hierarchical structures that are beginning to emerge in the business world (B. Gray, personal communication, April 23, 2014). Robbins, Decenzo and Coulter (2013) describe this as an organic structure, that centers around team decision making and relaxed, open communication channels.
Communication between generations can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Barnes (2013) explains that stereotypes are a root of communication issues between generations because “age differences can be laden with the temptation to prejudge” (p. 3). When someone already has a preconceived notion about how someone will behave simply because they belong to a certain generation, they are often not open to the individual contributions that person has to offer. Language also causes communication barriers between generation. Meanings of words change over time and people from different age groups may understand them differently. Clark (2013) explains that our perceptions as well as our individual biases and experiences have an impact on how we receive a message. Understanding the differences between generations and how they communicate can help bridge this gap.
Technology also impacts communication across generations. The millennial generation has come of age in a society immersed in rapidly advancing technology. As a constant presence in their lives, most millennials adapt easily to these changes, while previous generations may be more resistant to the rapid advances of the information age. A study found that even though members of both the millennial generation and generation X agreed on the importance of the internet, millennials tend to utilize it more throughout their daily lives and have less difficultly in its usage (Kubiatko, 2013). Due to its regular usage, millennial leaders are likely to integrate technology as a means of communication with their team and the...

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