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Ever since I was three years old I could see ghost

Ever since I was three years old I could see ghost. We inherited this old house that my dads father gave him after dying a horrible death. I don't know why we kept the darn thing, but we did and a couple weeks after the funeral we moved into the house. My parents slept on the ground floor and me and my brother, Dave slept up stairs. Every day my mom would pass my bedroom just to here me talking to what looked like nothing. When she asked me who I was talking to, I told her I was talking to the man in the closet. After a while my mom began to believe that I wasn't just talking to a imaginary friend I was talking to a ghost. She came to realize this when she would here electronic toys going off and moving around and doors slamming in the middle of the night. We moved out of that house two months after moving in. I continued to see and at talk to ghost through out my life.

Now I'm 22 and I just recently bought a nice house. It has weight siding and 2 floors, the back yard was fenced in giving me privacy and it also had a shed in it. When I began to unpack I came to the box with all the out door supplies in it ,I went to put them in the shed but the sheds door was padlocked shut and had no windows to look in. " I'll try to get it open tomorrow" and I set the box at the side of the house, and climbed the stairs to the attic with another box in hand , come to find that the door to the attic was locked too. I turned around and went back down stairs and called the previous owner of the place
"Hello, this is Anthony James, the man you soled the house to."
"Oh yes , how may I help you ?"
"Well I was wondering if you had the keys to the shed and attic?"
"The shed and attic don't need keys they don't lock" she answered
"No, I mean the keys to the pad locks on them"
"Mr. James they're are no pad locks on them "
"Yes there is "
"Then some one else padlocked them because I didn't"
"Ok , thank you for your help "

The next day I went to the hard ware store,
"Excuse me I have a shed door that is padlocked , do you have something to get the lock off that wont ruin the door?"
"Yes we do right over here" he said over his shoulder as he walked away. He picked up a box and handed it to me
"This is a bolt cutter " he said handing me what looked like a giant pare of pliers
"Ok thank you " When I got home I went out to the shed and tried out my new heavy duty pliers "Got it!" I yelled as the padlock fell to the ground. I went to push the door open but it wouldn't budge it was locked from the inside some how " what the hell!" I yelled In frustration kicking the door. I stomped in side and up the stars to the attic." hopefully this one opens" I growled to my self. Before I even got the lock off I began to here...

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