The Mind Body Connection And How It Impacts How We Learn

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The mind and body parts are interconnected so as to enable coordination of the messages developed in the brain and actions portrayed by people. The information in one’s brain remains in non-useful form until it is manifested in body actions. The brain controls all the functioning of body processes and different aspects that characterize one’s mind-body connections influence his or her learning habits. This include stress, muscle memory, left brain right brain and disabilities. There are different levels of these aspects in people and consequently have varied implications on how learning takes place. This paper will discuss how stress, memory muscle, left-right brain and disabilities impact learning.
Stress of learning
Stress has high impact on the how people learn. When a person has stress, the learning part of the brain is affected and is unable to give high attention to what is taught. The memory goes down and even if the person struggles to learn, he/she cannot store information gained for long periods of time. This is because stress receptors cells direct body cells to respond to stressing issue destructing learning process. Stress is not only influenced by what one thinks but also what happens in one body. Thus one may think has no stress though body reactions are manifestations of stress. Difficult in learning due to stress would be explained through the functioning of stress response system.
According to CSHS (2014), stress is carried in receptor hormones that are all over the body and these hormones carry messages that dictate what body parts do. Stress messages are received by stress receptors even in the brain before reaching other body cells and consequently influencing processes such as learning. Large numbers of stress receptors are contained in parts of the brains responsible for learning. These regions are hippocampus, amygdale and prefrontal cortex and each has specialized memory processing. The hippocampus is for spatial memory processing; amygdale for emotional memory while prefrontal cortex pays attention to relevant details. There are relay systems that connect three regions to ensure coordinated function of the mind and hence other body parts. When stress distracts functioning of these parts learning is process is affected.
Muscle memory and learning
The movement of body parts and muscles would help in creating muscle memory. Muscle memory is where muscles become accustomed to movements and creates messages that are sent to the brain. According to DNA (2014), muscle memory develops over time and lack in newborn children explaining why they take long time to learn to crawl or walk. However, after they learn the movements muscle memory is created and the brain could send messages whenever the child would want to move. Muscle memory is applied in most learning techniques such as sports and dances. The learners usually lack muscle memory to make certain movements in early stages. However, when they become...

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