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The Brain's Adaptations To Technology Essay

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The brains ability to adapt, and handle the lost of a sense is proof enough that the internet is changing people. However Oliver sacks author of “the minds eye”: proves to us that not all blind people or human beings in general are effect the same way by lose. Sacks talks about in his article that the human brain does not stop learning and evolving past a certain age. In fact it is the complete opposite: the human brain adapts over time to what ever circumstances that might challenge it. It is because of this finding that it is remarkable able that the blind are able to adapt with their disability. The same way Nicholas Carr author of “is Google making us stupid”; points out how the internet and technology in general is changing how human beings interact with everyday life. It is because of the internet Carr says that “now my concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages. I get fidgety, lose the thread, begin looking for something else to do. I feel as if I’m always dragging my wayward brain back to the text . The deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle”(67). The influence technology has on Carr's mind might scare him, however with the knowledge Sacks has discovered it is possible to relate the loss of deep reading to blindness. Therefore if the brain is able to conform to the loss of sight the same could be said about the loss of deep reading. The blind have been shown to adapt to there new lack of vision; however, where does the adapting measures of the blind relate to Carr's argument about the ease of technology. Carr might fear deep reading and technological changes but Sacks shows that we might not really lose anything we just conform to a new approach. Technology does change you, but it does not mean its something to fear only accept.

The human mind is always changing and adapting to what ever life throws at it. One day it could be as simple as trying to writer with your non dominate hand. The next day it could be a difficult task such as learning to play the piano. Sacks found in his research that some blinded people are able to adapt to there disability. They achieve a vivid visualization, able to imagine anything they want and manipulate it in anyway they want. A skill that would be hard to obtain if you were not blind. The piano is a good example of how the mind adapts overtime. Very few people in the world are able to just sit in front of a piano and start playing. The average piano player requires lots of time to be able to move their hands in unison as well as play the keys with perfect timing and pressure on the keys. Only in time is the individual able to play without issue. Sacks writes about Australian psychologist named Zoltan Ttorey. He has an exceptional visual imagination which took much time to achieve. He is able to do advance math in his head with just the images visualized in his head. His mental visualization is so advance to the point were a simple roof repair for a sighted...

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