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The Mindset That Determines Your Health

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Researchers may argue that what humans consume in their bodies is what ultimately leads to their good health standing. It is certainly true that whatever is consumed will have a significant impact on one's metabolism. What really matters throughout this process, however, is the way humans are thinking throughout their lifelong journey. Their mindset determines the choices that they make every 24-hour day of every week. The choices are what lead humans to become obese. This essay does not imply that humans choose to become obese; however, it mainly points out that people make bad decisions all the time that lead them to becoming overweight. This can come from a lack of knowledge and ...view middle of the document...

Doing research while sitting on the computer all day can be very unhealthy. This especially applies to people who have very busy schedules in their lives. By putting so much emphasis on research, people do not realize the harmful effects that it has on their bodies. They lose sleep. Even more life-threatening is, they trust the wrong information that they would be better off not knowing. This just makes expanding on one's knowledge seem pointless.
So there's nothing wrong with having more knowledge, right? Look at that perspective a little bit deeper. Granted, knowing more can contribute toward making better choices. However, that is not always the case. Will it always contribute to making the right choices? No, sometimes following a concept can lead to wrongdoing, even if it is the right concept. Because of that, there will be setbacks, and they will not always be compensated for with steps forward. Sometimes it can hurt. From my experience, when I have done research on the foods that we put in our bodies during our spare time, I have began making the wrong choices. For example, I once tried eating six meals a day. This made me less willing to exercise. Nutritional knowledge does not teach the right mindset to have a certain will toward one's goals. A will is a foundational piece toward having the mentality to control one's own destiny, and that is categorical toward making the right choices, which leads to living a better, healthier lifestyle.
I am not the only person who questions the role of food knowledge in today's society. According to recent studies, "correlations between nutrition knowledge and dietary behaviour have failed to reach statistical significance, leading researchers to question the relevance of nutrition knowledge to food choice, and the value of nutrition education campaigns" ( As stated, there is not sufficient evidence to support either the claim that more knowledge is better, or the claim that less knowledge is better. Dietary behavior is basically the main topic that the viewpoint of this essay is pinpointing. Clearly knowledge affects dietary behavior in some ways, as described earlier. However, it is unclear as to whether or not while people are still promoting it,...

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