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The first painting I chose was titled "I know a maiden fair to see, take care." Charles Edward Perugini painted it. This painting is oil on canvas. This painting spoke to me. It was painted in Italy in 1839-1918. The woman in this painting is leaning on what looks like a bed. There are pillows around her and she is holding a fan. She is wearing the clothes that look like they are from the time that this was painted. In the painting the woman looks like she is wearing rouge on her lips and blush. Her hair is crimped but pulled back. The lighting is beautiful, the woman is lit up and the background is darker. This is dramatized by the fact that everything in the light is detailed and brightly colored. In contrast everything in the dark is blurred and the lines are faded. This painting spoke to me because of the beauty of the woman. She is not the "normal" beautiful, she is "Overweight" by today's standards, but she is more beautiful than most models today. Her smile was one of the things that caught my attention. She kind of has a smile like the Mona Lisa, its provocative and mysterious.The second painting I chose that spoke to me aesthetically was called "Portrait of a Woman as Judith". Agostino Carracci, in Italy in 1557-1602, painted it. The painting is oil on canvas. In the painting the woman is holding a sword and a severed head. She looks wealthy, she has pearled necklace and expensive looking earrings. Her hair is pulled back and she looks very pale. She has a slight smile on her face, like she has just overcome something, she has the look like she is drained but she is proud of what she has done. The light is on her and the background is dark but detailed. The lighting and background makes you feel like war is going on somewhere. In the background there are people who look panicked and terrified. This painting stood out to me because it was so different than everything...

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