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The Miracle Of Purun Bhagat By Rudyard Kipling

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In “The Miracle of Purun Bhagat,” Rudyard Kipling uses the setting to let you see the true personality of the main character. The story is about giving up everything you know and have come custom to, to find out who you really are. As Purun Dass, the main character, grew up he realized that things were changing. Dass was of the upper class. He and his dad were so important that everyone looked up to him. Dass realized that being wealthy and having everything was not the right thing to do. He wanted more. He wanted to understand what people believed to be good. In order for him to do that, he had to give up everything. He changed his name and only took with him an antelope skin, a brass- handled crutch, and a begging- bowl.
Purun Dass faked his death and changed his name to Purun Bhagat. Bhagat walk through many different towns such as: Rohtak, Kurnool, Samanah, and he wondered upon the Himalayas. This is where he chose to stop wondering ...view middle of the document...

In the beginning of the story, Dass was as wealthy as one could become. He was the Prime Minister and he met with all kind of important people. He was so young and wealthy that people called him twenty years a youth, twenty years a fighter. With the way the story began, you would have never thought it could end how it did. At the end of the story, Bhagat lived on the Himalaya Mountains by himself and relied on his neighbor to feed him because he did not have any other way to eat. There was a great rain and Bhagat saved the village from the mountain crushing them because the weeks of rain had knocked it down. Bhagat died saving the villagers. His death was caused by over exerting himself. One might think of this to be a sad ending but it was not. Bhagat, who had once been someone of much importance and from a wealthy family, died saving lives of innocent people. He will be remember with more honor now than he ever would have, have he stayed being a Prime Minister.
The setting of this story showed Purun Bhagats personality well. Every detail told you about him. It showed you more than if you just read it. The setting showed his personality instead of talked about it because actions are stronger than words. Anyone can say anything about themselves being a good person but it does not mean anything if you do not act like a good person through your actions. I believe that no one that had the wealth and position of Purun Dass would ever give that up to become someone of the lowest class. Bhagat gave up everything he knew to live poor just so he could see what his people believed was good. He was young when he made this decision and not many young adults would realize the importance of what he did. Purun Bhagat was strong, brave, wise, and selfless. His personality is one of very few in this world and reading this story makes me strive to be like him. He gave his life to help a whole village of strangers. He gave up being the highest one could ever be just so he could understand what his people believed to be good. Purun Bhagat left the world with more importance than when he entered it.

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