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The Miracle Worker Movie Essay

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The Miracle Worker a movie based on the real life of Anne Sullivan a helper hired as a teacher for a young girl Helen Keller condemned both death and blind after recovering from a tragic illness. Their story is nothing short of a miracle filled with hardships and struggles, and relationships built on dependence, trust, and loyalty. Anne first enters the Keller estate unappreciated, and unwelcomed; however, Miss. Sullivan needed to prove Helen can be helped; which allowed her to strengthen her relationships as she became a member to the Keller family.

Anne Sullivan was considered virtually blind as a child and raised with her younger brother Jimmie Sullivan in a state infirmary. Anne and ...view middle of the document...

As Helen began to learn and understand the meaning of basic things around her such as the grass she walks on, the flowers growing in the garden, and water provided by a pump; Helens behavior began to change letting her to truly smile for the first time.

Captain Keller and Kate Keller, also known as Mr. and Mrs. Keller, Helens parents turned to Miss. Sullivan as a last resort for help; after seeing doctor after doctor all saying that there is no help for Helen. Although desperate to find a way to help Helen better cope with life, they did not care for Anne’s attempt to discipline their child. Anne’s actions towards Helen left James Keller, Helens older stepbrother intrigued, raising a question for Miss. Sullivan “how is it, you have no pity for Helen?” Leaving James with a response that changed his opinion about Miss. Sullivan “To have pity for someone is a waste of energy, feeling sorry for ourselves is even worse.” With these words James realized what Helen needed was not the pity...

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