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The Miracles Of Cannabis Essay

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The Miracles of Cannabis

There are so many advancements being made in the medical field with cannabis. Cancer patients are finally receiving some relief from nausea, among other symptoms, with this much known and popular drug. Also, our soldiers and veterans returning from the war overseas can get relief from the posttraumatic stress depression they are burdened with on a daily basis. Some even say that if they use it with the onset of a migraine, it prevents the migraine completely. Cannabis has more medical value then some people realize. Most are rather quick to dismiss the idea of cannabis being valuable to today’s pharmaceutical companies, because of the “high” cannabis creates. Legalizing cannabis would not only help chronic pain sufferers, but it would also be an alternative to some of the harsh mainstream prescription drugs.
Cannabis has a large variety of therapeutic uses including, but not limited to relief from nausea and weight loss due to AIDS, cancer, Hepatitis C, Anorexia, reduction of intraocular pressure within the eye, reduction in muscle spasms, as seen in multiple sclerosis patients, and epilepsy patients.(noel) Unfortunately, the drug is proven to effectively treat and help so many people is only available in sixteen states, which has led people to either suffer without the most effective medication available, or take a chance on the consequences to obtain it illegally, and gain themselves a criminal record.

The medical benefits that cannabis has to offer are far too great to ignore. Cannabis is one of the safest drugs, prescription or illegal, known to man. No one has ever died from on over dose. Having a drug this safe available, which effectively can treat so many different serious illnesses should be legalized in all states. “After sixteen years of court battles, the DEA’s chief administrative law judge, Francis L. Young, ruled September sixth, 1988: Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known” (Marijuana Policy Project 16). The treatment associated with medical marijuana id life extending.
The argument to legalize this beneficial drug has gone back and forth for many years. Many argue it is habit forming or is a gateway drug for more serious compounds such as cocaine and heroin. “These young people and other individuals dependent on this drug will make the choice to use it in physically compromising situations, and will continue to use it (Kraus 9). The risk is just the opposite; without proper medical treatment for illnesses that disable people on a daily basis, lives would become more painful and less tolerable. This could lead to a rise in depression among other things. Allowing this therapeutic drug to be prescribed would greatly benefit people; not only would they benefit from it, but they also greatly deserve it.
Arguments constantly go back and forth on whether cannabis is a dependant drug or not. Most of the statistics point toward it not being an...

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