The Misadventures Of Daniel Essay

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"Daniel, why did you do that in school?"
"Mom! I told you before, I hate doing group projects and I don't need anyone's help!"
"Although you like to work alone, you should work with others when you can. You shouldn't have pushed aside your partners and did the project by yourself. The other kids might have ideas, too."
"It doesn't work like that, Mom. You don't understand!"
With that, Daniel took off from the dinner table. He wasn't a kid to talk with others, especially when he needs help. Daniel thinks he can do anything by himself without the aid of others. It makes him feel like a weakling if he asks for help.
Daniel quickly went into his bedroom, shut the door loudly, and locked it. He heard his mother slowly approach his bedroom door. Then his mom said, "Daniel, I know how you feel. Please let me help."
"That's what I'm saying. I don't need help!" screamed Daniel in anger. "Don't disturb me Mom. Leave me alone." Then, he heard his Mom walk away. Daniel started crying. He didn't want to talk. He wished he could make his own choices in life.
Daniel now gazed into the dark, blue night sky. It was a clear night, without any clouds. Daniel then saw a shooting star far away in the sky. He quickly made a wish. Daniel thought to himself, "I want to be a free bird. I wish to make my own choices and live by my own rules. Please make my wish true!" After making his wish, Daniel felt tired and started to sleep.
In the morning, Daniel woke up, but not in his own bed. He had woken up in a nest! Daniel was confused and wandered around a huge house. The house was larger than anything he had ever seen before. As he walked around, he tripped on a safety pin. As he was getting up, he noticed that he his hand looked like a bird's wing. He was then in utter confusion. Many questions passed through his head. "What has happened to me?" he thought to himself.
Then, Daniel saw a large mirror on the ground nearby. He ran to the mirror and saw a bird with a dark gray wing feathers and reddish-orange chest feathers. Now more thoughts filled his mind. As he thought about it, he guessed that he was turned into a free "bird". To test his theory, he flapped his hands like a bird does, and Daniel started to fly!
After he discovered that he could fly, he found an open window and flew out into the prairie. He flew high into the wide blue sky and through the big white clouds. He also flew down into the luscious green prairie grass, feeling each blade of grass. As he flapped faster, he flew faster and felt more wind slapping against him. It felt great! But soon, he got tired and took a rest on a nearby nest on a short tree. "Wow, this is amazing," thought Daniel, "I wanted to be alone and live by my own rules, and my wish actually came true! This is the best day of my life!"
Soon, other birds that looked like him nested on his tree. “Howdy, newcomer. My name is Jacob. What’s your name? Where are you from?” asked one curious bird.
Daniel couldn’t tell them the...

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