The Misconceptions Many People Have About Gay Males.

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Myth of the Gay Male On an Autumn trip out of town to Las Vegas, I decided I'd go over to a local coffeehouse I hadn't been to for years since I'd lived there. I stepped inside and noticed a few familiar faces, but no one I could rightfully put a name to. I felt a bit foolish as I was expecting some kind of reunion, but took it in stride and ordered a large chai with extra spice as I took a seat beside the poetry stage. The thin, perky waitress soon came over and started a conversation with me. She asked where I was from and what I was doing that evening. She said she liked football players, and leaned forward, fingering the fuzzy initials on my high school letterman jacket. I stammered out a blunt, quick reply telling her I wasn't interested. She seemed very hurt and almost started to cry while moving away. I told her it wasn't because she wasn't pretty or nice; it was because I was gay. The shocked look on her face told me she didn't believe me, and she exclaimed I couldn't be because I wasn't like her friend, Joey. I looked over to the guy she pointed to and saw one of the most feminine men I'd ever laid eyes upon flamboyantly dancing to a Britney Spears song. I walked out with my drink, disgusted by the stereotypical box I was shoved in.Why do so many people have this myth within their minds that every gay guy that exists is an extremely feminine, flamboyant, promiscuous, eighty-pound twink. I'm often not believed to be gay because I don't fit the stereotypical image of what most people perceive to be a homosexual male. I generally say that being gay is just being a man who loves other men, not becoming a woman. True, some gay men are queeny or feminine, but a lot of normal or masculine guys just walking down the street are also gay. In fact, more men than you know are 'In The Closet'; a term used to classify a gay man or a lesbian who isn't open about his/her sexuality. Most men who are in the closet try to act more masculine, or butch, in front of straight friends, family, or coworkers. Some men even go to lengths of dating women, having a girlfriend, checking out girls, or having a lot of 'straight' pornography around as camouflage.The media has a lot to do with such that stereotypes have been tossed upon the gay community.The only exposure given to gay men is usually negative or blown way out of proportion. For example, Richard Simmons, Ru Paul, Sir Elton John, or George Michael show gay men as a flamboyant, sex-crazed, over-the-top crowd. Even movies like Too Wong Foo, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Crying Game, and Rocky Horror Picture Show portray gay men as either feminine...

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