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The Misconceptions That Romanticism Can Lead To

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The Misconceptions that Romanticism Can Lead To Romanticism, one of the styles of writing that Mark Twain despises, can be most often seen throughout the majority of Sir Walter Scott's novels. Chivalry, adventure, and honor are what are most often written on. In these novels, the writer will make the language very eloquent and melodramatic, which in some cases can lead the readers to create and form false identities. Twain blames Scott for misleading young boys; and as a result, allowing their easily convinced young minds to be persuaded and capable of manifesting improbable emotions and ideas. Because of these unrealistic concepts, Twain feels that Scott play a big role in placing the reader a facile position to endanger their lives because he or she feel compelled to pursue the adventure put forth them. Twain's everyday adventures occur on rafts, unlike Scott, who chooses to use a fantasy-filled setting like that of a castle or a pirate ship. In Twain's revelations, there are no shining knights in white armor valiantly, and unrealistically riding through the night on his horse to save the vulnerable, beautiful princess from dying; on the contrary, Twain chooses to utilize common everyday people using their wit to beguile themselves from the scene. Instead, Scott's characters possess supernatural powers in aiding them to escape the problem. Because of the admiration of "fantastic heroes and their grotesque 'chivalry' doings," the South is not able to industrialize and advance like the North. In lieu of buildings and factories, the South is still engulfed with romantic fantasies; therefore, prolonging their time to develop an economically better off industry. Twains books, like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, differ from the works of Scott, simply because his notions are everyday and pragmatic.Twain places much emphasis on ideas originating from the reader, and not from some previous reading. For example, he beleives that Scott's romantic notions mislead young boys and do not allow them to develop their own ideas. Scott fills their minds with fantasy-filled ideas which can be appealing to the reader. Because of this, the reader is not able to clearly and truly develop their own ideas; therefore, having to rely on written by someone else. Often times, this can lead to false confidence, and or, identities." Everybody said it was a real beautiful oath, and asked Tom if he got it out of his own head. He said, some of it, but the rest out of pirate books and robber books, and every gang that was high-toned had it." (Pg. 1269) In this passage, Tom has formed a gang of young boys who go and seek high risk chances in life. Like what Twain said previously, Tom's followers have already formed a misconception of Tom's persona. They admire "his" works, when in reality, he has taken them strictly from another source other than his imagination. This is what Twain feels is corrupting both society and the reader, because they can no longer rely on their...


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