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The Misfit Character Genre Essay

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Television is a form of multimedia which is produced for entertainment and informational purposes. It was introduced in the late 1940’s with the “Golden Age’ of TV beginning in 1953. Various shows have been developed over time with adaptations and influences into the current genres. These genres are often targeted for a specific audience with variations in-between them to accommodate for the generation of viewers. A misfit is a character which is popular amongst many genres that are popular today and are nearly vital for any shows long running success.Traits that allow the misfit to be such an individual include their reckless nature and confidence to portray themselves without any social barrier. This distinct form of comedic relief allows for some alteration in a serious plot or assistance in forming a completed cast. Popular shows from earlier years such as Seinfeld and The Addams Family are prime examples of where the misfits were crucial to the shows success creating a character which was adapting into an individuality based persona that was becoming relatable.

The Addams family which ran for 2 years (1964-1966) is a classical formation of the emersion of misfits into a necessity for a show’s airing survival. Though the misfit needn’t be as obvious as the Addams Family a small replicate of then character is shown regularly in current generation television. What made the Addams so successful and well known was their spontaneous character traits which allowed them to break taboo and behave as if this was the social normality. Reactions presented from the interacting characters in the show which weren’t familiar with the family were what helped make the show ongoing and interesting by persisting with the idea that the family themselves were completely normal. A popular adaption of the misfit was created in Seinfeld which had it’s debut in 1989 airing for a further 9 years. This character was George Castanza played by Jason Alexander who was misanthropic, often neurotic and over analysed his life but still managed a loveable nature which created a perfect rendition of a misfit.

Over decades of television the overall character style of the misfit has rarely differed between actors as the concept wouldn’t work as successfully without sticking to it’s roots. However each character has their own...

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