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The Mistreatment That Lead To A Failure In Marriage.

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People often rush into relationship or marriage which may end up unsuccessful. In Kate

Chopin” Desiree baby”,Désirée faced with many obstacles and difficulties after given birth to a child

that appeared to being part black due to that her husband Armand hated her. Ms. Desiree, was adopt and

did not know if there was any black heritage in her, even though she looked white. The main focus was

on her and every fingers pointed towards Ms. Désirée which had gotten very frustrated that she

broke down . Mr. Armand was a slave owner in Louisiana who had so much pride which was bigger

than the love for his wife ,Desiree. Race and heritage played a big factor in their marriage .According

to Zora Neale “Sweat” Ms. Zora ,was constantly abused by her husband verbal and physically . He was

completely disrespectfully and did not appreciate his wife ,Zora and the things she has done for him .

With an abusive partner we can guarantee a failure within a marriage or relationship such as

selfishness, lack of communication and money

There are many aspect that causes a marriage to downfall , such as selfishness . In society

today, people get into relationships and do not spend quality time to get to know each other however,

they get married and think about their self and forget that other people have feelings too. According to

Zora Neale “Sweat” it states “Sweat,sweat,swat! Work and sweat,cry and sweat,pray and sweat!”

What's it got to do with me? he asked brutally”(1023).This shows that Ms. Zora husband did not care

about her hard work and labor she put into providing for their home because he was not providing or

Wilson 2

contributed all he cares about was himself . Ms. Desiree,...

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