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The Misusage Of The Vegetarianism In Teenage Females With Eating Disorders

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As women have expressed more interest in healthier life choice lately, it is no surprise to see women who choose to be a vegetarian in a different level, such as full or semi vegan. It is easy to find a celebrity who announced to be a vegan or a product in groceries to substitute a meat product. This lifestyle transition is also happening in teenage girls. The focus is the primarily reason of choosing vegetarianism.
There are several reasons why these women choose to be a vegan. It can be to protect the environment or to fight for rights of animal. However, it also can be used for own health. Many of them choose to be a vegetarian lifestyle in order to lose weight or maintain the weight. ...view middle of the document...

The anorexia is more common in female (DSM-5, 2013), and the onset is usually early adolescence (Austin & Boyd, 2010). Young females are more likely to have an anorexia than any other age groups or males which is an obsession to lose weight by restricting foods.
The orthorexia is a new eating disorder that are not classified in DSM-5. This type of eating disorder is characterized by the pathological obsession for biologically pure food, which leads to important dietary restriction (Catalina Zamora, Bote Bonaechea, Garcia Sanchez, & Rios Rial, 2005). This is another eating disorder that may require diet restriction due to lose weight. According to Vanessa Kane-Alves, a registered dietitian with Boston Children’s hospital’s Eating Disoder Program (Jeltsen, 2012), choosing vegetarian lifestyle to lose weight or diet restriction can be classified as an orthorexia. The orthorexia subjects carry out a strict diet and may be vegetarians (Catalina Zamora et al., 2005).
The eating disorder: anorexia and orthorexia can be dangerous if people keep diagnosed with the disorders. Restricted nutrition can lead to malnutrition, and anorexia can have high risk of suicide, (DSM-5, 2013) when people with orthrexia can also have obsessive compulsive disorder (Catalina Zamora et al., 2005).
Worsley and Skrzypiec (1997) conclude that:
There is a clear relation between an eating disorder and the vegetarianism. Indeed, the greater prevalence of extreme weight loss behaviors among the vegetarian women (such as use of laxatives, induced vomiting) and of restrained eating suggests a link between teenage vegetarianism and eating disorders. Bakan et al, for example observed that about half of their anorexia patients were vegetarian, and Abraham, an eating disorders researcher, has listed ‘becoming vegetarian’ one of a number of methods used by young women to lose weight.
The vegetarian women have more tendency to practice more frequently and extreme diet than non-vegetarian women. The vegetarianism is one of lifestyles that needs to avoid meat product and possibly also a dairy product. Most people who are willing to lose weight want to cut consuming meat product, less to none. Worsley and Skrzypiec (1997) stated that from a health point of view meat is portrayed as an unhealthy, ‘heavy’ product. This is one of reasons when possibly people with an eating disorder becomes a vegetarianism. According to Worsley and Skrzypiec (1997), anti-meat attitudes were stronger of full or semi vegetarian teenage women who are more likely to practice Meat Restraint.
The vegetarianism is...

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