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The Mobile Workforce: How Modern Mobile Technology Has Changed Business

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For this paper, I will explore the vast field of mobile technologies and how they have changed not only how businesspeople work, but how customers often use mobile technology to interact with businesses. As someone who is personally very passionate about mobile technology and its continuing growth and development, this topic is a natural fit for me to write about. Mobile technology has proven itself as a valuable asset to businesses of all sizes because of its constant availability and the wide array of functions these modern mobile platforms are capable of handling. There are many types of mobile technologies on the market, and in this paper I will cover a relatively small number of them relative to the other large, diverse set of devices that exist on the marketplace.
The smartphone is an obvious example of a mobile device, and is obvious for good reason: According to Nielsen’s U.S. Digital Consumer Report, 65% of all Americans owned smartphones in 2013 (Fingas), and that number is set to continue growing in the years to come. Smartphones began to gain massive market share with Apple’s introduction of the iPhone in mid-2007; today, Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer but Apple isn’t far behind. I believe that smartphones are popular because they are a jack-of-all-trades device: in a slim device that fits in your pocket, you have a portable music player, a high-quality point and shoot camera, an web and e-mail communicator, a video game console, and of course a mobile phone. Smartphones are very valuable to businesses and their employees because it allows employees to instantly receive emails, phone calls, and text messages no matter where they are. Through mobile applications, or “apps”, a company could for instance allow employees to remotely monitor and administer important systems, allowing them to be more efficient at their job no matter where they are located. Popular smartphones today include the HTC One (M8), the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the Apple iPhone 5S. While smartphones may be very valuable to businesses of all sizes, the cost of arming your employees with this mobile technology is more than just the cost of the individual handsets. “Other cost components include fees for wireless airtime, end-user training, help desk support, and software for special applications … the TCO [total cost of ownership] for each device [can range from] $1,000 to $3,000, according to various consultant estimates” (Laudon & Laudon, 2013).
A problem businesses run into with employees having smartphones is security. Since smartphones are so portable, they are easily lost or stolen. If a company has proprietary information that is stored on that device, that device automatically becomes a single point of failure that could potentially allow that information to be leaked outside of the company. In response to this problem, many companies have come up with solutions to protecting the data on smartphones. A simple but relatively insecure method that...

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