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The Model Of Forgiveness Essay

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Forgiveness is defined as a change, in which the victim refuses “negative feelings” (Holmgren 32) toward the transgressor. For many people, forgiveness is the response to a wrongdoing. Human relationships break when wrongful behaviors are committed against one another, and because this is the case, people respond to the matter of forgiveness in many different ways. If a relative is killed in an earthquake, the person, who has suffered the loss will “feel profound grief” (Holmgren 8). However, the feeling of “moral anger reflects more” (Holmgren 8) when the person is a murderer. The “resentment and moral anger” (Holmgren 8) becomes the source of harm to the person that has lost the life of someone they loved. Wars, thievery, rapes, sexual abuse, and terrorism are the most common atrocities in the world, where people take time to forgive. The wrong doing of these actions makes the victims mind harm in a great level. Therefore time is one of the great therapies to understand the wrongdoing. The offender will have to gain “reacceptance or reintegration” (Holmgren 261) because the guilt on its action. The book of The Sunflower by Wiesenthal is an example of a war, where shows a kind of forgiveness, but self- forgiveness needs inner healing, a healthier mentality, a cleaner soul, and a more sound spirit.
Simon Wiesenthal’s book, The Sunflower, draws out the issue of forgiveness through the lenses of a Jew. Wiesenthal, who is a Jew, is one day approached by a former Nazi soldier named Karl, who ends up pleading for Wiesenthal's forgiveness. Wiesenthal is taken from his work and sent to a hospital room, where Karl lays breathing his final breaths. Karl has repented of his past sins and wishes to confess his crimes to Wiesenthal. Thus, Karl lays out all of his past crimes in front of Wiesenthal, and asks desperately for Wiesenthal's forgiveness. Karl feels that he cannot die in peace until he receives forgiveness from Wiesenthal, but Wiesenthal explains to Karl that he is not responsible for forgiving him because he was only asking for mercy. Wiesenthal prefers to not forgive Karl, and thinks that what Karl actually needs is self-forgiveness. At the end of the book, Wiesenthal poses the question, “What would I have done?” (Wiesenthal 98). The answer to the question for Wiesenthal is that forgiveness and self- forgiveness need a healthy thought to start healing.
A healthy mentality is necessary for people, and wrongful behaviors have the potential to disturb emotions. Emotions are “the strong feelings” (Webster) that is held about somebody or something. Every person must learn to forgive and to recognize difficult emotions. In order to accomplish this, people need to be especially aware of emotions such as “anger, and guilt” (Fisher 117), which is destructive emotions. Anger has the potential to trigger “falling strength” (Fisher 118), because it generates frustration. The guilt that a transgressor feels about his own crimes is a sign that he is...

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