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The Modern Day Slavery Essay

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Every year millions of innocent kids, adults, males and females are forced to do things against their will. Whether its forced labor or prostitution, human trafficking happens everyday, everywhere, and all the time. It happens in the most unlikely places with the most unlikely people. Your neighbor, pastor, teacher, or even a family friend could be apart of the trafficking system. Human trafficking is problem that affects millions of lives and needs to be stopped by educating people about it.
Human trafficking is the 2nd biggest illegal industry behind the drug trade. It comes in so many different forms. Human trafficking by definition is the illegal trade of humans through recruitment or ...view middle of the document...

When my parents went over there to get him they said one of the saddest sights they saw where young kids, 2 or 3, some with disabilities, come up to them and beg for money. These kids can spend up to 15 hours a day on the streets. Now imagine you are a young kid in a poor community. Your parents struggle to provide enough for you and all your siblings. So to give you a better life, they send you to live with these men called agents. These agents promise to bring you to the city and provide you with an education. But soon you realize you're not going to the city at all, but instead to the middle of the desert. The “agents” force you to live in a warehouse and train camels to race. They make you work long hours for no pay. They starve you so that you stay small enough to ride the camels and they never let you leave the warehouse.
Many people think trafficking is irrelevant to our country. But in fact we are in the top ten of trafficking countries. We don't realize its as big as a problem here as it is anywhere else around the world. New York city is a hub for trafficking. Its a logical place because of the numerous amounts of immigrants and ports. Anxious immigrants will agree to almost anything that promises a good job and an opportunity to kick-start their new life in America and the ports offer easy transportation of humans.
The US is the number one destination for trafficking victims from Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. When i was researching for this project i came across a story of a young girl from Mexico. As a child her dad abused her. But as a teen she was offered a job as a secretary at a company in the US. The man who offered her the job promised to smuggle her across the border and get her an education as long as she worked for him. Since she had no reason to stay, she quickly agreed. Once they got to the US the man turned on her. He raped her and locked her in his apartment. For two whole years she never left that building. Then one day her captor was arrest for a crime totally unrelated to human trafficking. When the police searched his house they found the girl. This is the story of millions and millions of people.
Trafficking happens all the time and sometimes in plain view. Normal people can be apart of the trafficking system. Traffickers are not limited to one type of person. They can be males, females, family members, friends, or strangers. But often times traffickers are supported. Usually they are legal companies like hotels, taxis or airline. These companies harbor or employ victims without anyone knowing. And thats the scary part; its happening right under our noses. Its crazy to think that in your community and in your local hotels and shops there could be traffickers. And anyways, what drives these people to do this? What makes normal people be apart of this illegal trade? The answer...

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