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It is common that the affluent writers of the modern period would naturally write about the events and circumstances of their time. It seems easier to write about people who mirror their society. Additionally, in doing so, it makes the content more relatable to their literary lay readers. No one really understands what they have not personally experienced. Therefore, it seems astute to have a storyline based on broad pragmatic circumstances. Therefore, they had an ideal reader in mind, hoping they would relate to the content. For instance, they spoke about religion, God, economy, race issues, family conflicts, etc. All these issues were at-hand during the modern era. Moreover, such controversial issues went hand-in-hand with suffering of some sort that was unfortunately, experienced by most. The times were hard and dire and the authors probed at their audience accordingly. Analyzing the collection of works of Willa Cather, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Flannery O’Connor is identifiable that they centralized the historical and thematic concerns based on the modern period.

Willa Cather reflected the modern period history and themes of human relations, friendships, sociological issues and values in her collection of works. She focused on the psychological aspect of her characters as well as their characteristics and/or virtues. In her piece, My Antonia (1918) the character Antonia is perceived as kind, loyal, smart and inner strength as well as optimistic though a challenged life as a result of her father’s death. Cather’s novel is set in the 19th Century living conditions as well as frontier people. She touched on matter regarding gender and race. Also, she highlights individual values that branches out into other subcategories such as family and community. Moreover, she infers on the subject of religion, Christianity, The Holy Bible by mentioning the term “Selah” which means to pause when arriving at its queue. The word “Selah” is found throughout the book of Psalms in The Holy Bible. The Psalms are similar to Ode poetry whereby they are intended to muse and make melody to a rhyme scheme, having a beat. Therefore, the word “Selah” is intended to indicate to a reader a place whereby to pause his singing.

Like Cather, F. Scott Fitzgerald mirrored the modern period history and themes of human relations, friendships, sociological issues and values in his collection of works. He highlighted the modern age similarly, thus reproduced it accurately. He even wrote about a scandalous incident of the modern age wherein included murder in his novel, The Great Gatsby (1925). His modernist novel tells a story of a young man who desires The American Dream (dream sparked by his desire to marry a rich and beautiful young woman, Daisy) that later turns out to be a dreadful ideal. Consequently, he dream unravels into reality, realizing it’s a fantasy. The setting is of the 1920s that involves tangible things and events of the rich:...

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