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The Modern Woman Essay

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The cover of the book is an image of a girl next to a messy antique warehouse was curious reader's imagination about the story content. The Book, "Fire and Fog", by Dianne Day tells a story about a girl's life after the violent earthquake in San Francisco on Wednesday, April 18, 1906. Her name is Fremont. Her life seemed only physical difficulties, but with curiosity and adventure of her blood she was swept into the dangerous secret. The author shows that all secrets will be reveal, justice is always right and the bad guys will always be appropriate retribution that they have caused. Fire is the true scene of San Francisco and the Fog is the hidden secret in this city. Fremont, a typewriter, ...view middle of the document...

I inched my way back to the bay window and waited, straining my eyes and ears.” (104). This act of Fremont has proved she is brave, she has overcome her fear of herself, against difficulties even though she did not know how their forces. Then, Fremont also returned Alice’s house to find out the secrets of the death of Alice and her aunt. “I had convinced myself that I must return to Alice’s house under cover of night.” (206). It's a very dangerous and scary to have to return to where the murder occurred, and returned in the night, “There was no fog tonight but also no moon.”(207). In Fremont mind always feels guilty about the death of Alice, find out the truth will make her feel better. Because come from a right action, it has made Fremont add confidence to perform. This brave act of Fremont has made Michael exclaimed, “You are a devilish creature.” (209). Not only that, when Fremont confronted with real ninja and threatened to life, she was very calm. “You will probably kill me anyway” (235), Fremont thought. But “I began to laugh hysterically, I could not help it.”(235). With actions and gestures calm, Fremont made two ninja believe what she said. “The Jones woman does not know anything, or she would have told us by now” (p244), “We destroy machine which means much to her, and still she says she know nothing of our samurai swords. She has told us the truth, we sure of this.”(244) The calm helped her realize, where she is, who she's been arrested, and what should be the next action. So, she was able to escape from the smugglers when they're caught off guard. It is clear that from these events, the reader can infer that Fremont is a brave person in every situation.
Fremont is an intelligent person. In this novel, when Fremont discovered the treasure room, she was very careful with her every move. Also, by the intelligence of her, she has connections inference to find out about the origins of this treasure. “What had we here? A smuggling operation? And if so, did the Sorensons know about it? If they knew, would they not have rushed to their building at the first opportunity after the earthquake?” (15) Fremont was very smart to not touch anything and have to remember to lock the door before she left the room. She did not keep this secret for herself and tried to tell Michael but not conditional. Not only that, the intelligence of Fremont was shown after the mysterious death of Alice. She has played as a Sherlock Holmes to investigate the death of Alice. She made a home alarm system, “I scattered crockery and pot and pans on the floor in front of all the downstairs windows.” (129), a list was a...

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