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Film is a form of art that is formally used as a means of entertainment. Yet, through time making films are now a part of a massive industry. This paper will explore the importance of entertainment, specifically films that are made in India. The focus of this paper will be to introduce the arrival of film in India through different time periods and how several historical events have impacted the Bollywood industry. Moreover, once a general idea of how Bollywood development through time is explained, we will then establish why the Bollywood industry is unique and different from any other film industry in the world. This will also include the different factors which have influenced the Bollywood industry. Lastly, this paper will demonstrate how the modernization of Bollywood has had an impact on India. The approach of this paper will be through a historical retrospective, in addition to economic and anthropological aspects which will be used to demonstrate several concept within these disciplines. The economical concepts include capitalism, marketing and commercialisation. Furthermore, anthropological concepts such as social class, traditions and gender will also be discussed throughout this paper. Alfred Adler’s Inferiority Complex will be used specifically as a psychological theory as an explanation to an impact that has been resulted through the Bollywood film industry.
As this paper will be focusing on Bollywood, it is crucial to understand what Bollywood actually is. Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world and is also known as “the Hollywood of Bombay” (Nayar, 1997). It is commonly referred to as Indian cinema. However, the correct “definition” would be Hindi cinema, since the dialogue of the films released are in Hindi. There are several film industries within the Indian film industry. Yet, this paper swill specifically focues on the Bollywood industry and demonstrate the impact it’s had on people living in India.
Arrival of Film in India
The historical representation of film in India be classified in three stages. These stages would be the introduction film, the Golden Age and the modernization of Bollywood. Film was first introduced in India during colonialism, in 1912. Through film maing, the citizns of Inia had an opportunity to finally be free from foreign influence and they were now able to express their identity and illustrate their culture (Rao, 2007). According to Nasreen Rehman, a historian of South Asian cinema, the term Bollywood emerged during the late 20th century (Ghosh, 2013). Although Bollywood is known for producing films in Hindi, the first silent film called Shree pundalik released is actually regarded as a film in Marathi, and not Hindi. Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra, which is where the city of Bombay —now known as Mumbai— is located. This is why the first few silent films released are recognized as Marathi films, rather than Hindi films in the Bollywood industry. Although Shree...

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