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The Mom Community Essay

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Back in my parents’ time, the mom community were a bunch of neighborhood mothers. They hosted slumber parties and watched the children play outdoors. Mothers provided the pickle and spaghetti jars for catching lightning bugs. Modern day world, only two decades later is a completely different ball field. The reason for this is the severe advances in technology. If you aren’t on social media sites, such as Facebook you are out of the loop. Not only must you have a Facebook account, but you need to know all the abbreviations and modern day research associated with being a parent. In the text that follows, you will be informed of all the abbreviations, the research, and the beliefs that mothers are expected to follow to blend in with the social media community.

The number one most important thing you must know are the abbreviations. Without knowledge of these you will be utterly lost and confused. CIO is the abbreviation for cry it out. Cry it out means to allow your child to cry or fuss at bedtime for approximately 15 minutes before checking on them. SAHM is the abbreviation for stay at home mom. The definition of stay at home mom is a mother who does not work outside of the home. IMO, means in my opinion. RIC is the abbreviation for routine infant circumcision. EDD is estimated due date, the expected date you are to deliver your unborn child. DD is equivalent to dear daughter, and DS is dear son. RF is rear facing, as in placing your child in their car seat facing backwards, FF is forward facing. These are not all internet shortenings that you may come along, these are the most prominent in the parent community at this time.
Along with the abbreviations there are also some terms that you need to comprehend. These include, co-sleeping versus bed sharing, and exclusively breast fed versus breast fed. These terms to most sound virtually interchangeable but there is a major difference. Co-sleeping is when your child sleeps in the same room as you. Bed sharing is when your child sleeps in your bed. Exclusively breast fed, is only mouth to nipple and breast fed means breast milk that can also be in a bottle.
With all of this jargon follows very strong belief that most mothers have. CIO is an extremely controversial topic among parents. There is no gray line here. Either are for or against allowing your child to cry themselves to sleep. Mothers get in name calling brawls daily over how abusive or fantastic this method is.
Circumcision is another massive topic among mothers. The most popular belief is that RIC is an unnecessary cosmetic procedure. Some even...

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