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The Moma Museum Essay

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On December 7, 2013, the MOMA museum exhibited The Mystery of the ordinary (1926-1938), famous art works of Rene Magritte. Magritte, Belgium’s only surrealist painter describes his works as “de-familiarizing the familiar”, taking everyday situations and tweaking them with a contrasting object. As soon as you step into the exhibit there is a 59 1/4" x 6’ 4 7/8" (150.4 x 195.2 cm) painting on a canvas. In oil paint, Magritte expresses what looks like a violent murder, as a naked dead woman disturbing the interior peace of a room. This sets a contradictory mood for the viewer as they continue observing each art work within the gallery. Walking through the exhibit you pass all sorts of people; from different backgrounds to different age groups, all unifying in conversation trying to interpret and comprehend the art. “I felt that the world. That life could be transformed and made more in keeping with thought and feeling”-Magritte.
“There exists a secret affinity between certain objects.”- The Secret Life of Objects. This two dimensional, 21 1/4 x 25 9/16" (54 x 65 cm) canvas, hangs in the wall of the exhibit. It was the most exquisite art work by Magritte. The artist takes a regular egg sitting on a table and gives it life in his painting. As if seeing the future, he paints the egg not as it is but as what it will become. In the painting is Magritte himself looking at the egg with this intensity trying to grasp
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every detail as if he were painting nothing more than what it is, however when you observe what he is truly painting on the canvas, it is a full grown bird starting to fly. Using oil paint he arranges the still life objects considering the viewer’s perspective, tilting the table upon us with the reddish-brown mantel in his painting so that the viewer gets a full view of the egg. He poses in a painter’s position, sitting up with a majestic view, to show the process by which he crates such amazing art pieces. The light hits the left side of the egg in the same way it hits the left side of the bird creating a slight shadow on the right. The entire piece looks three dimensional so you feel as if your there watching Magritte at work. The egg has a small crescent shadow which shows its true oval round shape and the bird also appears as it would pop out of the canvas and take flight.
Anti-Portraiture, was a portrait of Edward James, a supporter of surrealism who allowed Magritte to come into his house and paint during the surrealism movement. This portrait was of Edward looking in the mirror. Magritte captures the man from behind looking in the mirror, but instead of viewing his own reflection what is observed is a repetition of himself from behind. “Not to be reproduced” was the name of this famous painting, were...

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