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The Moments In Time Essay

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New York City, New York, the busiest town in the American homeland. January said to be the most beautiful time of year in the great city. A slight drizzle is falling on the ground as the night stars twinkle in a pitch black sky. The party life is in full swing. Balls, clubs, bars, and dance halls are in echoing their music through the streets as doors open and close. As the night grows on, the temperature drops well below freezing. The rain becomes ice as it settles on the sidewalks.In a dark alley a shadowy figure waits for the prey to appear. Hiding amongst trash lined brown brick walls, the figure wears a forest green trench coat, tan tattered hat with long wet matted hair protruding out of the back. Wearing black combat boots, one propped against the wall, the other on the ground the predator stands in silence. The blue jeans and hat are the only remotely visible clothing. A stream of smoke precedes out of his mouth as a lit cigarette appears from behind his body. A brown bag concealing a Crown Royal is flashed in front of the jeans. As the man takes the last swig, he tosses it aside just before committing his dastardly act.Meanwhile, a young women fights with her boyfriend at the "Millionaires Ball." She slaps him after the heated discussion, and breaks out of the ball. She flies down the sidewalk as her liquid gold cascading silk dress glistens in the over passing street lights. Walking pedestrians watch in disbelief as a wonderful looking...

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1141 words - 5 pages than the 19th century with conflicts such as the world wars and in particular the Vietnam War. Yet they were no longer were justified outright by ideals. America, for example, began to question its involvement in the Vietnam War for a number of reasons. Two artists, two centuries apart, attempted to capture the feelings of the society of their time period. Jacques-Louis David produced a neo-classical piece entitled Leonidas at Thermopylae

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