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Follow the Money Trail* March 6, 2002People lie, steal, cheat, and murder. Not all people choose to do so, but they all have the ability to. This choice is a case of morals and ethics, deciding what is right or wrong. Democracy puts the power in the hands of the people, but there is no assurance that the decisions made are moral. A democratic government can be nurtured or corrupted by Political Action Committees and corporations, especially in the form of campaign contributions.Democracy, being the opposite of communism, is power to the people. A democratic country is run and represented by its people. These ordinary people are "considered as the primary source of political power" (Democracy). This is a big contrast to communism, where the party in power controls the people. In October, 1962, these two types of government collided, spawning the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Russians spent an undisclosed amount of money on offensive and defensive military equipment that was shipped to Cuba (Almasi). This must have been an exorbitant amount of money, as "ammunition, light aircraft, military vehicles, and equipment for military factories", along with SS-4 ballistic missiles, are not cheap (Almasi). The American government has a $4.5 billion budget for missile defense alone (Kadish). The Russian Missile Defense division must have at least, if not more than this amount. If the conflict had not been addressed so late, such huge amounts of money would not have been squandered on this event (Almasi). During the 13 days, the Russians and Americans were suspicious of each other's anticipated ulterior motives - The Americans thought the communists were trying to take over and the Russians thought the democrats were trying to take over (Kadish). The wasting of valuable resources on the Cuban Missile Crisis emphasizes the flaws of the current democratic government.In theory, democracies hear and meet the needs of all people, but this is not the case. In Canada and the United States, the common people get to vote-in a representative for their "electoral district"(Elections). Eventually, the majority of elected municipal representatives appoint a regional representative, where the majority appoints a Prime Minister or President. With this style of democracy, the public only has control over municipal affairs (Elections). For this reason, there are fatal flaws in representation of the Canadian and American people. Despite these flaws, there are ways to influence the government at the federal level. Both Polictical Action Committees and large corporations with lots of money can sway the government's decisions. These PACs have been formed to carry the voice of the people. Such organizations include Greenpeace, which has been running since 1971(Greenpeace). Although such groups have succeeded in making favourable changes, some committees have evoked negating changes. The Enron Polictical Action Committee received $123,487 from Enron executives. Created to represent the...

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