The Mongols And Their Effect On China

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The Mongols and Their Effect on China
Throughout history, there have been many empires that have shaped the outcome of all life on this world that we live on. Some of the greatest empires in the world, the Roman Empire, the greatest militaristic regime in history, or perhaps we can look towards northern Europe and the British Empire, those who had the capability to control the greatest amount of land mass in history. However there is one thing that even those famed Brits never accomplished. Something only one group in history has managed to do, a group that stands out among a crowd of the greatest people to represent planet earth. The men to strike fear Into the most battle hardened soldiers, the barbarians, the moguls. So what did the Mongols accomplish that was special. They managed to conquer the largest contiguous land mass in the worlds an area that stretched from Egypt to Russia and also to encompass all of China. Doing this they managed to shape the lives of millions of people. from Russia to China and everywhere in between. However most historians agree that China was affected more than any other country by the reign of the Mongols. The effects the Mongolian Empire had on China were large and diverse, and included but not limited to the economic influx due to the increased amount of trade routes and the utilization of the peasant class, the social impact, as all people part of the Mongolian empire flew under one one banner, and finally the technological impact as ideas flourished under the watchful eye of the Mongols.
The Mongol occupation of China, had many positive effects on the economy, primarily caused by the attention paid to the lower classes, as well as increasing the trade occurring, with the utilization of the Silk Road. Though most large empires disregard the lower classes as insignificant, that was not the case in the Mongol Empire. A Department of Agriculture survey found that close to half China's peasant families lacked sufficient land even to provide themselves with food, let alone other needs. Schak goes on to talk about how this dealt with only the peasants, and that the peasants themselves made up such a large part of the population, that this can be said to be the effect on the whole population in ancient China. This in itself shows a reason why the happiness and prioritization of the lower classes should be brought about. The Mongols understood this concept and began to develop the lower classes to help the overall country develop as a whole. The Mongols gave strong support to the peasants and peasant economy of China, believing that the success of the peasant economy would bring in additional tax revenues and ultimately benefit the Mongols themselves. (Curtis) They did this by allowing tax remissions, and setting all peasant taxes based upon their annual income. This allowed the Mongols to keep on friendly terms with the majority of the population and run a more stable society. This also increased economic influx...

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