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The Monkeys Paw Argumentative Essay Language Arts Argumentative Essay

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The Monkey’s Paw Argumentative Essay
Indisputably, it can be agreed that the novel The Monkeys Paw which was written by W.W Jacobs in the year nineteen o’ two, is a compelling and teeth-jarring story, which leaves you too open ends as what will happen next. The short story involves Mr. and Mrs. White and their son, Herbert. And Sergeant Major Morris, a friend of the whites who served in the British Army who was deployed in India, this suggests that the story takes place in the early nineteen hundred’s or late eighteen hundred’s. Morris introduces them to a mummified monkey's paw. Which as he states, a fakir placed a spell on the paw, that would grant three wishes to three separate people. The wishes are granted but always with terrible consequences as punishment for tampering with fate, similar to a genie. Morris, having had a horrific experience using the paw, throws the paw into the fire but Mr. White fishes it out before it could be destroyed. Before leaving, Morris warns Mr. White that if he does use the paw, that whatever comes of it would be on him. At Herbert's suggestion, Mr. White wishes for 200 pounds, which will enable him to pay off the mortgage payment for his house, even though Mr. White thinks he has everything he wants. The next day his son Herbert leaves to work at a local factory. Later that day, a man in expensive clothing, as Mrs. White says it, comes to the White’s home and brings news that Herbert has been killed in a horrific accident involving the machinery. Although the company denies responsibility for the incident, they decided to make a payment to the white family as “Compensation”. This payment was 200 pounds, this of which exactly matches the amount Herbert suggested that his father should wish for. A few days after the funeral, Mrs. White, almost driven insane with grief, asks Mr. White-her husband to use the paw and his second wish to bring Herbert back to life. Reluctantly against his own wishes, he does so. Afterward, there is a knock at the door of their house. As Mrs. White fumbles at the locks to open the door, Mr. White, who realizes that the mutilated and zombie-like thing outside is not the son that they knew and loved, he makes his third wish. The knocking suddenly stops. And Mrs. White opens the door to find no one is there. As can be seen from all of this, Herbert is clearly at fault for his own death.
Indisputably, it is obvious that Herbert White was of course fully responsible for his own demise. Herbert was even the one who suggested to his father, Mr. White, that he should wish for two hundred pounds as stated in lines 146-148, “If you only paid off the house, you’d be quite happy, wouldn’t you!” said Herbert, with his hand on his shoulder. “Well, wish for two hundred pounds, then; that’ll just do it.”, this eventually lead to his death and his death in turn made the wish come true, as the next day a man in elegant clothing, as Mrs. White puts it, comes to the White’s home and tells them that...

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