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The Monomyth: Rites Of Passage In A Hero's Life

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A rite of passage is a memorable, emotionally charged journey that leads a person from one place in their life to another. Joseph Campbell, an american mythologist, recognized a structure which was often used in the story of a heroes journey. This structure he called a Monomyth, can be simplified and described as a 3 step process of departure, initiation and return. The "hero" (or anyone for that matter) departs their current situation and perspective, iniaties in a journey, and returns to the normal flow of their life, with a new perspective, having learned or experienced something of importance. This process can be simplified further into the phrase, "rite of passage". Similar to Campbells three part departure, iniatiation and return, i view a rite of passage as something that can be divided into 3 stages: who you are/ what you percieve in the begining, then, the journey/learning/ emotional experience(s), and lasty, who you are/ your new perception(s) at the end of the journey. There are many junctures in life, and at each juncture, big or small, there is a rite of passage. The departure, iniatiation and return of the rite of passage encompass the entire journey one makes and the lessons learned from it. Both authors Mark twain and E.B White go through a rite of passage in their stories; for each man, the rite of passage solidifies their responsibility for something, however, each mans view of...

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