The Monster Inside Of Me Essay

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My stomach clenched. It was the middle of the night when I first felt it and as I dragged my limp body to the toilet my thoughts went straight to it. “What if I have it?” I questioned myself over and over. My body curled over with pain, I thought about what my kids would have to go through if they didn’t have a mother or my husband without a wife. I tried to push these thoughts to the back of my head, but they seemed to stay. It had been doing this for some time now almost a week. The next morning the pain had subdued but it was still there. I kiss my kids foreheads and told them I loved them when they got on that bright yellow school bus. My husband, Steven, had already gone to work. ...view middle of the document...

I parked my car and joined them. I was planning on getting the flu shoot but when I reached the doctor’s office I was crying so much from the pain, the ibuprofen hadn’t helped at all, the nurses rushed me into Dr. Martinson’s office. He sat me down and proceeded to calm me down.
“Mae, what’s wrong?” he asked. I told him that I thought I had the disease and started crying again.
Dr. Martinson got really quiet and said “We will give you a test now but we won’t get the results of it until tomorrow. Mae, if you do have it there isn’t a cure so I need you not to get your hopes up.”
He then jabbed me with a needle and took some blood. I was dizzy so I sat in the chair waiting for the room to stop spinning. He told me that he would call tomorrow morning when he got the results. So I wandered off to pick up my kids. My oldest, Logan, asked me why I looked so pale but I didn’t need him worrying. In fact I knew I wasn’t going to tell Steven. He didn’t need the stress along with work. So instead of telling Logan I lied through my teeth and just said a simple “I’m just not feeling well.”
After supper I felt nauseous so I decided to get some fresh air with Steven but unfortunately it didn’t help. I ended up passing out and hitting my head on the curb. Steven rushed to my side and helped me up. I was brushing off the dirt when he pulled my chin up so I was looking at him.
“Mae, what’s wrong? You have seemed so lost lately.” his whispers barely audible.
“It’s nothing!” I proclaimed.
He looked at me with sad eyes and asked a final time “What’s wrong?”
I forced down my sobs. “It’s nothing, I just feel ill.” Oh how badly I wanted to tell him that in a few weeks he might not have a wife.
We walked back hand in hand clutching each other. When we got back Logan and my daughter, Sophie, were waiting for us. Both of them rushed out the door as soon as we walked up the steps. Oh how I would miss these two lovable idiots. I decided to create a game just so I would have a chance to see my kids laugh one more time.
When I awoke the next morning I awoke to my 35 year old husband and our two kids jumping on my bed. They had all thought it would be fun to take care of me and take the day off. There I was...

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