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INVISIBLE MONSTERS To sacrifice oneself and save others is what we've known as human love, and we have also learned that we should respect those who could perform that in any situation, but in reality, the numbers of those people who don't care about what others do seems much greater than the number of those who do. In Stephen Crane's story, "The Monsters", Henry Johnson who sacrifices himself into the fire in order to save a little boy gets treated like a monster just because his face has "burned away"(84). This is very serious problem because it's not what happens only in the book, but also in our present lives.Henry Johnson is a man who works for Dr. Trescott. One evening when Dr. Trescott's house is on fire, Johnson burns mainly his face and the body while he is saving Jimmie, the son of Dr. Trescott. Judge Hagenthrope tells Dr. Trescott that it is rather killing Johnson for the town, for Johnson wouldn't be welcomed by the people in the town. Then he says, "As near as I can understand, he will hereafter be a monster, a perfect monster, and probably with an affected brain"(86). From this line, we can see that Judge Hagenthrope is afraid and worried about Johnson's face because his face will surely scare the whole town. Dr. Trescott does not listen to him and keeps taking care of him. Dr. Trescott takes Johnson to the house of Alek Williams so that Williams can take care of him, but one night, Johnson gets out from the house and wanders around the town. When people see his face, they are terrified, and among them, one "hurled backward with a dreadful cry"(100). The chief of police comes to Dr. Trescott next day and says that he's got Johnson in the jail. He suggests that when Dr. Trescott comes to take Johnson out of the jail, he would better "bring a-er-mask, or some kind of a veil"(103). The chief of police and the people in th town's reaction to Johnson's face is as if it is to a monster. After few days, four men, including Judge...

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3136 words - 13 pages We never truly lose our childhood fears, while they might not be as strong; there is still a small sense of panic when encountering them. Fears grow and change as we grow older, instead of fearing monsters under the bed. we learn to fear the real monsters in the world. Growing up, I was forced to live in my own personal house of horrors every other weekend. My father viewed his children like pawns in chess, my sister and brothers were

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1638 words - 7 pages examples of demi-god heroes in their myths. Whether he be mortal or a demi-god, the hero may receive some help from a god in completing his task in some myths. However, it is still the hero, not the god that accomplishes the task and is recognized for it. Every Greek myth with a hero in it has a monster or monsters that the hero must face at some point in the myth. “MONSTERS,…, were beings of unnatural proportions or parts, usually regarded with

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2156 words - 9 pages Cielo Fortin-CamachoKatrina BormanisApril 12th 2007ARTH 360 Aspects/History of PrintThe Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters“They are so subtle that people with the sharpest intelligence do no usually at first comprehend all the moral meaning of some, and those with little perspicacity need time and help to understand them “-Gregorio Gonzalez Azaola, “Satiras de Goya,” 1811Dreams are defined as ‘a series of images, ideas

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918 words - 4 pages Human's infatuation with monsters bind the works on the English 23 syllabus into one common theme: monsters. Monsters have stood the test of time, and their stories continue to be one of the most common themes in fictional literature. All of the short stories and books assigned to English 23 are full of monsters: Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead, John Gardner's Grendel, The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien, Harry Potter and the

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