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The Monsters Within: What Makes Serial Killers Different?

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“Some werewolves are hairy on the inside.” Stephen King, a famous horror film writer and director, knows that serial killers are some of most evil but unrecognizable people in society. Walking down the street, serial killers go completely unnoticed. This “under the radar” way of living is what makes them very dangerous. Serial killers appear entirely normal on the outside, but it is what is on the inside that makes them unlike everybody else. Inside is where their minds are altered to accept all the morally unacceptable things that they do. Most of the evils they think and do root from abnormalities in their brains, or other imbalances in their bodies. Whether additional faults accompany their irrational behavior or not, serial killers are their own kind of human being.
By definition, a serial killer is one who has murdered three or more people with extended periods of time in between each victim, oftentimes with increasing frequency. Serial killers do not normally know who their victims are, so that they are complete strangers who fit their “ideal” type. More often than not, these victims are women because they are physically and mentally easier to manipulate than men. Through their smooth words and welcoming appearance, serial killers are able to lure their victims into their control (Schlesinger, 2000). There are various, grotesque ways that they go about murdering their victims, but they usually leave a trademark pattern. These patterns vary from how they leave the crime scenes, what “trophies” they take, the profile of their victims, and many other distinguishable factors (Zeigler, 2009).
To society, serial killers seem quite normal. Many are just seen as quiet people at the office or shy neighbors. However, when you look into their personal lives a little more, you see that there are many obvious traits. Serial killers are not usually very financially stable. Those who are feel empowered by wealth and the authority it gives them (Zeigler, 2009). Killers jump from one low-skilled job to another, just to stay afloat. They have to manipulate their family or partners for money, but this contribution does not last long because serial killers have a difficult time making and maintaining relationships, which the right side of the brain controls. Serial killers depend on the left hemisphere of their brain that controls their verbal and analytical thought processes, which explains why they are able to manipulate and plan so easily (Solano, 2001). Just as in society, serial killers are barely noticed by the law enforcement. They have very minor criminal records, with small ticket items like traffic violations and trivial thefts (Brown, 2008).
Determining what goes on inside a serial killer is much more complex than identifying their outside traits. One area plays a very significant role in deciding how serial killers function; the brain. Brain abnormalities account for why many people become serial killers. Positron emission...

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